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09.03.2019 Letter

Grandma Yaa and Mother Ama

Grandma Yaa and Mother Ama
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To Yaa Lady ( Grandma Papabi) Woman stronger than steel, Tough as nails, Teacher, History, Living Ancestor, Pride of me being Ghanaian, I inherited your sharp tongue, Wit, Laugh and smile. Always giving, To those who are not fed, A reservoir of knowledge, Kindness, Resilience in believe in Jesus, I salute you, My Angel, Whose wings, Teach me, My tradition, Culture, Love, And kindness Must not escape me. I love you, Dreading the day you will leave. TT To Ama ( Mummy) We often disagree, Yet I know the depths to which you love me, Without you I wouldn't be the woman I am Today, You are my strength, My stubbornness, My inability to give up, To know I will always survive, To move forward, Even if the odds are great, I must succeed, I have no option. That you taught me, I'm forever grateful, That I must be great. I am undeniable phenomenal.

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