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07.03.2019 Article

Uew Turns A Milking Cow-Aful Broni Fingered In Massive "Chop Chop"

Uew Turns A Milking Cow-Aful Broni Fingered In Massive
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The expression" turns a milking cow" became popular when Hon.Martin Alamisi Amidu appeared before the appointment committee of parliament to be vetted as a special prosecutor. The said expression when used should be able to give every layman the clear understanding of what is referred to us" siphon off".

For some years now, UEW has been in the news obviously not because of good reasons but the opposite. Some of us thought that,the dismissal of certain officers from the university which became a difficult battle geared towards making the institution a level playing field for the university to move to a different level was going to see the total redemption of UEW . But for some serious reasons,it seems those who benefited from the systemic shake up have suddenly forgotten the disturbing circumstances that provided them the enabling opportunity to replace colleagues who were dismissed on criminal grounds.

Anthony Aful Broni and co were given the opportunity to restore the pride and dignity of UEW but unfortunately, they have decided to go on a looting spree as if UEW is not a public institution. Only in six months, Anthony Aful Broni and his group are on record to have spent a whooping sums of Ghc 5,769,395.08 as honararium. A payment which cannot be justified.

This outrageous expenditure in the old currency is fifty seven billion(57 Billion) for few individuals only in six weeks.The question is, if the institution was their own business, would they have spent such an amount in six weeks and couch same as honararium? If this is not the highest and unbridled form of thievery to plunder and spin the purse of UEW, then what is it?

I was once a student of this university and i am fully aware the challenges in there particularly on infrastructure to the extent that, in 2009, students were levied an amount of Ghc 50 each for six years for the completion of a lecture theatre in Kumasi campus.

As we speak, the project hasnt gotten to any encouraging stage and has not been completed as well. I was compelled to mount a petition at the Economic And Organised Crime Office to investigate alleged thievery of funds by management concerning that project in 2015. That particular investigation forced UEW kumasi campus finance officer to proceed on by force retirement when he was only left with few months to go. The campus account got frozen for five months as well.

Be that as it may, and considering the fact that, UEW is the most richest university, why should such huge amount be spent in Just six weeks when other branches of the institution finds it difficult to get a lecture theatre?

It is also on record that, there isnt any supporting document for this item of expenditure which is a fundamental requirement pursuant to the Financial Administration Regulation, 2004(LI 1802).

I have with me an intercepted bank statement as evidence to show this unlawful expenditure and at the appropriate time, Anthony Aful Broni would get to realise that, UEW is a covered entity and management of funds ought to be in tandem with the Public Financial Management Act,2016(Act 921).

#What they have done is an" unlawful abuse of public funds" and the days ahead isnt going to be easy for them. UEW cannot be turned into a milking cow under a Reverend father#

Dawda Eric(Equity)

UEW Alumnus

Citizen Vigilance for Justice

7th March,2019

[email protected]

Dawda Eric
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