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Answering The Questions Raised By Kwesi Arthur In His Freestyle With Tim West Wood

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Kwesi Arthur was at the WestWood Crib Session to deliver a hot freestyle, published on the 4th of March 2019 by Tim West Wood Tv. In the freestyle, I noticed some few lines that, I think, he needs answers to. (I hope it answers some of your own questions).

Question 1
He raps, ‘… I wonder if you [God] are watching, cause Chris no do nobody nothing, why we dey put flowers for in coffin?, Baby Mama watching, Contemplating, [I’m] getting an abortion, cause who go help am take care of in offspring.’

Here, the rapper is wondering whether God is watching. But evidently, the New Testament shows that he actually watches. Not only that, he’s present— meaning, not distant from us. Kwesi Arthur continued to rap about a certain baby mama, probably that of Chris. According to him, this baby mama is contemplating about getting an abortion because there’ll be no one to help her take care of the child. Now, one of the ways God shows he’s present in our troubles is by sending someone. Think about Jesus, Titus, and so on. God will send someone in our time of trouble, and we need to trust him on that. The evidence can be found in the New Testament.

Question 2.
By the end of the first instrumental, Kwesi Arthur said something which I also thought was worth answering. He raps, ‘why the real ones dey die, but the fakes dey multiply?, I text God but he still no reply.’

I don’t think God will ever reply that text— at least, he won’t do it in this life. The reason is that, in principle, we [Christians] shall in no time gain full knowledge of many things when we see Christ again. And I think this is one of the questions we will gain full knowledge of when we meet Christ.

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