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Opinion | Jan 24, 2019

Africa In The Face Of Inventions

Africa In The Face Of Inventions

In the course of God’s creation, he thought it wise to make an object in His likeness to steer the affairs in the universe. With this selfless attitude of the ultimate reality, he created man in His own image from the moldy dust and out of him came a woman. God bestowed his creation prowess in humanity too in order to make his world a better place and more convenient to live. The earliest form of human race resorted to less sophisticated tools and equipment to manage their daily affairs.

Through gradual process and man’s quest to use his mind which serves as an idea box, man’s world has moved to a higher level characterized by various inventions from creative minds of the human race. Despite the fact that God created all men equal with different talents to use in order to improve this world, most people have refused to put their God given talents into play. Therefore, this write-up will seek to throw more light on some of the brains behind the things we see around that make our world easier to live through inventions.

Have you ever imagined a world without invention? Inventors from the days of global civilization have made the world what it is today. The cliché, “If you want to hide something from the black man, put it in a book”. This wouldn’t have been possible without a paper to contain the ink. Early writings system began with small images used as words, literally depicting the things in question. If I could write this, then I give the credit to the Sumerian civilization. My paper and pen was made possible by the world of the genius by name Cai Lui and Lazlo Biro. Ironically, I appreciate the works of Alfred Binet for his intelligence test but I don’t need that anyway.

Today, you would have not been reading this piece at your own comfort if it had not been for genius like Charles Babbage, Alan Turing and Sir Timothy John Bernes-Lee whose work forms the introduction of a computerized world. When today just seems like yesterday and the world has become more global than the days of Adam, a new era where something called ‘internet’ came into existence and the work of the postman was no longer recognized. I keep wondering the number of people who keep on sending “snail mails".

When one good thing is invented, another is improved. The modern day man is so dependent upon technology for communication and this was made possible by some brains like Alexander Graham Bell. Today even toddlers use and know the significance of mobile phone. Have you ever imagined how you would have contacted your concubine in the house with the mad dog? Everyday life is constantly changing and this is not by the brains of Constantine but genius like James Harrison from his invention of electricity which gave light to the social world and paved way for other inventors to also make a name in the Guinness Book of records. If you have been thirsty and could drink an ice water to cool down the chemistry of your body, then you would appreciate the work of inventors better than I do.

Can you walk from Kete Krachie to Sefwi? If no, then thank a great mind that made auto-mobile possible into the world. Karl Friedrich Benz is worth our praise. I nearly missed today’s morning news if it had not been the clock that tick tock to raise me from my snoring camp. Thumbs-up for the great mind that invented television and radio that made communication and information be at peace with the world. As I stood in my room, I looked around and saw the electronic fan, the television, the rice cooker, the electric iron, the decoder, the refrigerator, I breath in-deeply and said “great minds have come and gone”.

In the “dumsor” economy what would we have resorted to if there was never an inventor of generator who is in the person of Michael Faraday who partially provided us with an alternative. Sleeping these dark days in my vicinity would have been compared to Nsawam prisons if it had not been for the great works of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison who invented electricity and electric bulb respectively. What would this world have been again if some ugly minds like Richard Jordan Gatling who invented the necessary evil-machine gun which in a way is good but evil was never born unto the surface of the world? To those who couldn’t have cross their legs to resist their sexual desires and remain impossibly active should thank the innovative inventor by name Julius Fromm who propounded the processes for making condom.

Undoubtedly, God will never feel bad for creating human beings to brief up His creativity at the extent to which the human race has utilized the organ called brain. Man’s effort to continue God’s creation has been made possible as a result of invention through the innovation of technology. However, it pains me as an African why the greatest proportion of the inventions had surfaced from the Western people. Does it mean God gave the white man the greatest IQ? It’s high time our people must put their minds under rigorous exercise in order to be more creative and innovative in order to affect lives in this modern era of globalization.

Akwasi Brobbey
Akwasi Brobbey, © 2019

Akwasi Brobbey is a novelist, poet, columnist, editor, English teacher and Ghana sign language teacher.

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