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07.12.2018 Europe

Delegates look on the bright side of COP24 climate summit

By Christina Okello - RFI
Agencja Gazeta/Grzegorz Celejewski via REUTERS
LISTEN DEC 7, 2018
Agencja Gazeta/Grzegorz Celejewski via REUTERS

This year's COP24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland, attended by delegates from 200 countries is rich in variety when it comes sharing environmental, economic and cultural perspectives.

RFI's Christina Okello met some of those looking on the bright side, in this report from Katowice:

Noer adi Wardajo, who runs the Indonesia pavilion at the COP24 summit in Poland, says dance and music can help stop climate change.

"Dance makes us with a clear minds...and we can think better for the future for the planet, playing music and dance, it's important not just to negotiate but to connect again." he says, joining others for a demonstration, captured on Instagram.

Nearly 200 nations are huddled at UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland until December 14.

The talks will enter into their decisive phase next week, when world leaders arrive.

But here, for the time being, people are staying positive, despite what tomorrow will bring.