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05.01.2018 Feature Article

Re: The Ongoing Jujutsu At The University of Education, Winneba (UEW)

Re: The Ongoing Jujutsu At The University of Education, Winneba (UEW)
LISTEN JAN 5, 2018

What a travesty of justice! This failed Prof. Kweku Sofoh, who is clearly a bootlicker, is vainly attempting to advise the son of the peasant farmer to mind his own business and not write rejoinders to counter the falsehood that he and other befuddled 'foot soldiers' hoodwinked to support Prof. Avoke's doomed cause are shamefully churning out. The question is, if the son of the peasant farmer, an employee of UEW, has no business to write rejoinders in furtherance of Constitutional rule (the appointments of both the UEW governing council Chairman and the Ag. VC, are Constitutional) in this country, then what business has failed Prof. Kweku Sofoh got to do with UEW?

It is no wonder that Prof. Kweku Sofoh has gone to pitch camp with failed Prof. Avoke. Birds of identical plumage, congregate under the same proximity!

One signed contracts in blatant and clear violation of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663), as amended, and his bootlicker-cum-playmate, sees nothing wrong with it. And these are 'Professors'? Professors of what? Probably Professors of incompetence, ignorance and imbecility!

I must emphasis for the benefit of the faceless Prof. Kweku Sofoh and the like that for the son of the peasant farmer to publish in journals as he suggests, and end up like Prof. Kweku Sofoh, defending nation wreckers as he is currently doing, then what use would have been my education? I prefer to defend the cause of the ordinary Ghanaian, and die penniless, than to defend create, loot and share unreasonable persons for dirty money! My education is for the benefit of the poor suffering masses of this country, and NOT for my selfish interest. Left with my selfish interest, I could have stayed on in the UK for good! I returned to Ghana to help root out public funds devourers like Prof. Avoke and his associates, to enable the poor and taken for a ride, breath a sigh of relief from the claws of corrupt public officials like Prof. Avoke.

The ugly, whipped and puffed up faced Kweku Sofoh can write all his concocted stories about the Ag. VC; it makes no difference, the Catholic Priest has been legally given a job to do, and he is doing it perfectly.

Prof. Kweku Sofoh has accepted that he is a coward and that what he publishes about the capable Ag. VC of UEW, are absolute falsehood! If there was any iota of truth in those dreamed up, fabricated and paid refuse, he would have headed to court.

Sadly, in Prof. Kweku Sofoh's latest buzzed up meanderings, he has gracefully admitted defeat in his failed attempt to tarnish the image of the Ag. VC of UEW.

Any sane person would have headed to court to argue out the case of 'academic dishonesty' he is accusing the Ag. VC of. It is therefore submitted that Sofoh is insane, and as a result, should be accorded the treatment extended to mentally incompetent persons.

My destiny is in my hands. No one asked me to go to university in the first place. In addition, no one asked me to return to Ghana, so Prof. Kweku Sofoh should mind his own business. Whether I publish in journals or not, is none of his business.

What is the use of the so-called publications of the interdicted VC you are defending? Is it not distasteful and disgraceful that a so-called Professor threw his education to the dogs and signed contracts in clear violation of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663), as amended, in a bid to steal from poor Ghanaians? Is this why you are foolishly advising me to also publish to enable me steal from poor Ghanaians? I don't need that shit, Prof. Kweku Sofoh!

I got my education to help my motherland Ghana, not to steal from the poor citizenry like your paymasters Prof. Avoke and Dr. Ackorlie.

The Public Procurement Act is the law the interdicted VC circumvented to line his private pocket with kickbacks from contractors, so I will mention it a million times!

Prof. Kweku Sofoh should go to court and get an injunction to debar me from mentioning the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663), as amended. I don't have to waste time to educate daft Prof. Kweku Sofoh on the potency and efficacy of an injunction. Prof. Kweku Sofoh's paymasters, thus, the interdicted VC and his FO, are living testimonies in that regard.

Why are these poodles not taking me to court? A court can order the son of a peasant farmer to stop holding himself out as a Coordinator at the Business School, just as a court order barred Prof. Avoke from performing his duties as VC of UEW with all his 'sterling' publications; a court order can compel the son of a peasant farmer to publish in journals as Prof. Kweku Sofoh insanely suggested; a court order can stop the son of the peasant farmer from mentioning the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663), as amended for the rest of his life. So what is the jealous and demoralised

Prof. Kweku Sofoh and his gang of nation looters waiting for?

Until these good-for-nothing morons muster the courage to discard their camouflaged ugly faces, sue me, and write under their real names for the whole world to see their intellectual shortcomings, it is humbly submitted that they have accepted defeat, and cowardly adopting guerrilla tactics as a face saving device.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
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