Even In Sickness, Buhari Remains A Hero

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President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has grown to become an unassailable enigma. The more Nigerians try to demystify him the more enigmatic he becomes. It is only heroes that do what Buhari does in Nigeria and get away with it.

This is so because it is only in Nigeria that a Buhari would become our president without a WASC certificate which he claimed to have but never had. He became our president without acquiring the requisite basic academic qualification as demanded by our laws. He not only became president, even his blinded supporters had said even if he presented a “NEPA Bill” as his WASC certificate they would still have voted for him.

It is only a hero who would remain a president and call the bluff of the people, the legislature and the judiciary even when it is obvious he was never qualified to have become president.

It is only a hero who would spend his first six months in office gallivanting around the world without a cabinet for a country as complex as Nigeria, making up for all the time he was shut indoors in Daura between 1984 and 2015 as a result of self-imposed poverty of hypocritical roots, yet, his “Halleluyah Band” would continue to sing his praises and not see anything wrong in that; not having the wisdom to know that that was the time Nigeria embarked on its jolly ride into recession as there were no drivers to direct its continued course of progress it recorded from the previous administration. But our hero and his co-travellers would not want to hear any of that. Even when the drivers eventually came in, they have proved to be grossly incapacitated for the task on hand. Yet, they are the heroes of some “heroes” (LWKMD).

It is only a hero who would watch thousands of Nigerians murdered by state agents and terrorists without any government official calling for a minute silence for the victims nor ask Nigerians to pray for them, nor swiftly react to save the situation. But when our hero falls sick, sycophants and bootlickers stumble over themselves in desperation begging Nigerians including families of murdered IPOB members, Shiites, Agatu community, Southern Kaduna region, IDPs and many others who have been callously mowed down by some of our hero’s misguided tribesmen and security agencies to pray for his safe recovery and return as if it is fashionable in the eyes of men and commendable in the eyes of God to pray for strength for those who supervise your killing and do nothing to apprehend your murderers so they could face justice even when that is the foremost priority on their list of job specification at the time of being engaged.

It is only a hero who would drive down our exchange rate to the highest level within just a little over a year since the creation of the Nigerian State 56 years ago and still brags that he should be judged only after four years as if hunger would allow a majority of the poverty-stricken citizens live up to the end of our hero’s tenure to be able to assess his abysmal performance.

It is only a hero who would lambast and berate, severally and severely, those Nigerians who travel abroad for serious medical reasons including treatment for cancer only for him to frequent UK hospitals to treat mere ear infections while billions of naira budgeted for our hero’s State House Clinic remain docile in thin air, if you understand what I mean (I dey laff o).

Is it not heroic, fellow citizens, for our darling DSS to effect the arrest of our judges with so much venom and unnecessary bravado based on certain financial crimes reports only for the same DSS to have its security/financial crime report on Ibrahim Magu of the EFCC jettisoned by our hero for whatever reason?

It is quite heroic for our president to pursue his political opponents with vendetta and vengeance in the name of fighting corruption only for him to end up harbouring grass cutters as SGF and ministers. While he loathes corruption, he dines with Kayode Fayemi, Rotimi Amaechi, Babachir Lawal, Ibrahim Magu, Timipre Sylva, late Abubakar Audu, Abba Kyari etc and still gets a pat on the back from some incurably servile citizens. Only a hero can get that!

With these few points of mine, I am sure, double sure, completely sure, absolutely sure and one hundred per cent sure, that I have been able to convince and not confuse you that even in sickness, Buhari remains a hero, their own kind of hero! Thank you! (in the voice of our old Literary and Debating Society days back in secondary school).

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