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President Trump’s America is Protectionist, Isolationist & Warmonger?

President Trumps America is Protectionist, Isolationist  Warmonger?
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Nativists’ arrowhead President Donald John Trump of America is hell-bent on fulfilling his polemical campaign promises, with the attendant risks of creating worldwide instability, insecurity and a downward spiral of the global economy.

Many, including myself never expected Donald J. Trump to be elected a dogcatcher, much less, being elected president of the United States of America, and so, there were many of us, who thought very little of his electioneering campaign rhetoric as anything but mere blusters

Donald Trump’s only claim to fame is his real estate business, his scandalous serial marriages, his reality show on television “The Apprentice” a show in which he made the term, “You Are Fired” notorious!

President Trump’s possibility of winning the elections was so remote, in the view of many pundits and the average person in America and across the world, such that his outrageous and equally outlandish pronouncements regarding Mexico, Muslims, World Trade, TPP, NAFTA, Gender Equality or his misogyny, Global Warming etc were derided and dismissed by so many.

These were merely Trump’s characteristic braggadocios, many thought; particularly, coming from a man, who once publicly proclaimed Marla Maples as the best sex he ever had, then, married a divorced her in such rapid disorder! Mr. Trump before dabbling into politics had the reputation of a loudmouth!

President Obama was known to have called the now President Trump out, by chastising Trump with a sort of advice, to the effect that Trump should realize, that the America presidency requires superb intellects and strategic thinking, not the sorts of talking-before-you-think of reality shows on television!

Then the elections came, and like magic, the dam broke, Mr. Trump won the elections by some fluke or by the sheer force of democracy by nativists and nativism! Nativists are Donald Trump’s core support.

True democracy requires Trump to keep his promises to these core supporters who ensured his being victorious over Secretary of State Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, who was projected by pundits and the average Joe, to be the would be first female president of America, and seen as a literal shoo in.

On January 20th, 2017, Donald John Trump was inaugurated or sworn-in, as the 45th president of the United States of America, and he made a lackluster inaugural speech, without flair or flavor, as he singularly focused on a segment of the American population to whom he pandered during, and after the electioneering campaigns, and then, with his bland, brash and quite uninspiring inaugural speech.

President Trump, true to his rhetoric, polemics and blusters during the elections campaigns, has started to make good on his promises, starting with Executive Orders signings with melodramatic fervors on major issues such as immigration, trade, abortion rights and much more.

President Trump has with a simple stroke of the pen, revived the hitherto moribund oil-pipeline project between Canada and the United States, despite the long drawn-out debates between conservatives and environmentalists regarding cost-benefit analyses, the cost to the environment and benefits to consumers.

President Trump after his victory at the American elections was expected to tone down his toxic and acerbic pronouncements about everything, but, instead, he has accelerated and ramped-up his rants against everything and everybody!

President Trump has so far, mostly engage in outbursts like a petulant child. He has thus far refused to grow up and matured into the American presidency, he is everything but presidential in his first week at the presidency.

As have been characteristic of him, he criticized the German leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel for her fair minded and liberal policy on immigration and refugees, Trump blamed her for not acting similar to the advocates and proponents of Brexit, Brexit is referendum which voted in favor of Britain exiting the European Union multilateral organization.

President Trump has also engaged in diatribe against China, even as China has begun to command worldwide respect consequent upon President Xi Jinping of China’s promotion of free trade and globalization, during the Davos World Economic Forum recently.

It remains to be seen, whether President Trump will go-full-throttle and full-speed ahead with his vociferous threats against China, to the effect of imposing 45 percent trade tariffs on every product made in China and exported to America.

Israel has taken a hint and even solace from Donald Trump’s brash worldview, it is protectionist and isolationist, Trump’s so-called America First, which is parochial, myopic and quite shortsighted to say the very least.

And so, Israel has announced that she would build almost three thousands housing units, in addition to the illegal settlements which Prime Minister Netanyahu government already built on Palestinian territory lands, an action which has received widespread condemnation worldwide, including criticism by European nations and even the United Nations, but, not a whisper or whimper and murmur from the President Trump’s administration.

President Trump and his Defense Secretary have made public statements suggestive of war mongering. Both men have indicated interests in military actions to reverse China’s presence in South China Sea.

Fighting a war in China’s neighborhood will be expensive and quite costly in various respects. A war with China may be Trump’s wag-the-dog distractions for his domestic audience as plan B, if his much bragged about “America First” economic theories does not revive America, but any such war, will be debilitating for America and it will be an unwinnable war.

President Trump comes across as totally and completely clueless and ignorant, particularly when he talks about complex and complicated global issues with his simpleton conspiracy theories. He often wag his fingers at everyone. He comes across as an egomaniacal arrogant buffoon, who happens to be president of the United States of America!

There are some who are still hopeful, in the belief that President Trump will soon calm down and curb his enthusiasm for making illogical and unreasonable demands on other nations.

Such hopes were raised on Friday January 27, 2017 as Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain forced President Trump to contradict himself and his threat to undermine North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) he did so publicly, obviously, kicking and screaming, as he said in her presence, that he is now behind NATO funding one hundred percent! This is an about face on NATO by Mr. Trump! More of such swallowing of own vomit are reasonably expected

Others, have speculated and suggested that his talk is just all-talk, and therefore, he is merely engaging in grandstanding and psychological warfare, before negotiations, in order to get the better part of deals or upper hand in relationships, trade or diplomatic. This thinking implies that he is smart and practices what he preached in his old book, The Art of A Deal.

Those who are suggesting this, are reasoning that President Trump knows his limits and America’s, in relationships with all other nations, this thinking better be right, or the world will witness too many trade conflicts, violent military confrontations, sundry cantankerous interactions with other nations, and even the possibility of a nuclear holocaust; as a boaster and an egomaniac is president of America!

President Trump’s current attitude to global issues is the very definition of extreme unreasonableness.

I predict that President Trump will lead America out of its world-power status, if he continues to make his outrageous and outlandish provocative pronouncements.

President Trump could unfurl asinine policies which would lead the world into political, economic and military seismic events or even global cataclysms!

Written by Paul I. Adujie Esq
[email protected]

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