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Captain Smart and Pastor Love My Take

Captain Smart and Pastor Love My Take
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As married people we all have issues therefore when it comes to marital problems no one is a saint including Captain Smart and some "BIG" Pastors in Ghana and beyond, I was therefore disappointed to hear Captain Smart attacking Pastor Love with regards to his music management, Divorce with Obaapa Christy and subsequent insults.

If you ask me I would say Christy's gospel career was going down before those issues popped up not because she was not good but then the whole industry was in a mess at that time, in any case Is it the same Captain Smart who all those woman from abroad were accusing of deceit on Akwesi Aboagye entertainment program? If so what moral right has he got to Judge another mortal.

Fortunately I listened to the program and the topic was centered around reasons why the music industry was crumbling and we all know why the industry is in such a mess, it is due to so many factors including PAYOLA, DROP IN CD SALES, POOR MANAGEMENT, LACK OF STRUCTURES etc, I will not add FUNDING since in a MESS like this no matter how much you put in, your recovery is just ILLUSIVE, truth is the industry right now is more of a MIRAGE than a REALITY.

Even though I know Captain Planet Smart do not take Payola because I have never paid him PAYOLA, I get very annoyed when those who take these bribes turn around to blame those who pay them the bribes for poor management. It is insulting and a complete smack in the face. When they collect the PAYOLA and Managers go to the market and do not get their monies back won't they go BROKE, So if after making them BROKE and making their wives leave them you turn around to blame them don't you think it's complete HYPOCRISY?

My issue is how can you conclude that because their husbands were managing them that's why their music careers became a failure, in any case if there was monies coming in wouldn't it be for both of them so why would anyone want to mess his own business up?

Can you imagine spending your church collection money on PAYOLA and receiving nothing in return and everyone outside thinks you’re making billions yet your own partner who knows the real situation seems not to side with you.

In the states Beyoncé moved from her Father’s management team, Usher moved from his mother’s management team yet in Ghana our biggest act SHATTA WALE is being managed by his Father and they are doing great.

Revered Yawson writes for his Wife and till date they are living together.

The question we should be asking ourselves is, where are all the producers and managers.

The answer is they’ve all stopped. The Reason is they can’t afford the PAYOLA.

Was it on the same program I heard John Mensah complaining?

How can we be proud of an industry where we have only 3 surviving musicians out of 5000 musicians, it simply means we don't have an industry and that those surviving are surviving by ways and means.

Now back to the issue, Marriage I believe is based on understanding and Divorce is also based on the two characters involved I therefore don't see the link in the Marriage, The Divorce and The Career. Let's address issues in their context and not mix everything up. In any case Captain was the one who accused and insulted the Pastor first and even though action begets Reaction, two wrongs do not make a right, am therefore disappointed in the two characters.

The industry is battling with its own problems and instead of finding solutions we are rather creating more mess.

I would urge Mike Two to upload the full tape instead of the truncated one since what he has uploaded is one sided and oh Captain kindly stay with your politicians ooooo. #VimMoveMent #VimCrew # VimFam.

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