12.10.2022 Feature Article

You can't fix anything by destroying everything

You can't fix anything by destroying everything
12.10.2022 LISTEN

Straight to the point, when you have a visionless, clueless and directionless industry, the industry moves in any direction they hear Jack.

Sadly our industry is such that when we hear something new we tend to destroy all that we've had including what we've built ourselves.

We started with the Labels working with the Library and the radio stations when music was being logged In as they were played.

Then distributors started paying payola to individual Presenters and started destroying the labels and in effect the Library and Login system which is today affecting us as I type.

Then the Presenters became too expensive so they moved unto the DJs and clamped down on the Presenters.

Then the word Managers was introduced and we destroyed all the Labels/ Distributors and tried to hang unto these Managers.

Then the Artist eventually destroyed the Managers as greed popped up and wanted to hang unto themselves.

Then came the word bloggers where they also played their role and then the word online sales popped up where we eventually threw our CDs away and tried to hold unto these imaginary sales.

Then Bam a record label called Zylofon that spent all the monies and sold no CDs popped up and as usual they all moved there and tried to destroy everything else.

Then Boom the big shutdown of Zylofon happened and sadly the industry had no where to go to because they had destroyed everything else and these individuals had to go back and continue struggling on their own.

Then we started hearing of streaming, digital sales and then numbers and as usual they all moved there again whiles rubbishing everything else.

As I type today the word Record Label has popped up again with the leading word Empire and as usual we want to destroy everything else including what we have built just to move to these Labels.

It's either we're simply stupid or we never learn from our past because I don't understand why we can't build new things without destroying what we've built in the past.

The whole game is a smokescreen and until you enter into that new phase you never know the mess up there so why destroy what you have already experienced just to enter into a phase you are yet to understand.

Indeed there are advantages and disadvantages of joining a Label and we have examples of huge Artists coming to tell us how they regretted joining a label so why behave as if Labels have No disadvantage and indeed there are very successful indie Artist all over the world so why Act as if indie Artist down here are useless.

It's as if the Ghanaman thinks he can only be successful by destroying others but that has never worked and will never work so the Earliest we realise that we "Rise by Lifting others" the more foolish we'll continue to be as an industry and we'll remain in this shithole for a long time till some next generation with a different mentality takes over to effect that paradigm Shift.