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Diaspora News | Dec 15, 2004

GORA Congratulates Ghanaians; The President And Promises To Work With The Govt


Members of GORA, (Ghanaians Overseas Resident Associations) wish to express their sincere congratulation to President John Agyekum Kufour and the New Patriotic Party on their victory at the just ended election, particularly to the entire Ghanaian populace for their sense of maturity and their search for peace in the sub region.

We are extremely pleased about the Free, peaceful and fair manner that the election was conducted. We are proud that Ghanaians have once again demonstrated that sense of leadership in the sub region as far as democracy is concerned. Our compatriots at home have outstanding reasons of displaying inordinate self-esteem in the face of the world. They even have lessons to give to the developed world like the United States of America, Ukraine etc. who claim they are custodian of democracy.

It is rather disappointing that the Western Medias did not say much about this peaceful election in Ghana. We know and we are use to the fact that, they are only interested in Africa only when there is outbreak of war and especially if there is something that they could appropriate for themselves. We want to remind the newly elected team that no other person or nation, apart from Ghanaians could build Ghana for Ghanaians. In collaboration with the government, Ghanaians overseas with their experiences, skills and technical know how are ready to make collective contribution towards the nation's development.

We are urging the winning NPP Party and the loosing Parties to work collectively and constructively together to address the important issues of the people and the nation.

The only difference with the leaders in the North and that of the leaders in the South is that, the former, even if they do away with state's money, they use it to create jobs within their country whilst the later sends their booty into the Northern Banks.

May your consciousness about the plights of our people and the nation lead you all throughout the four years ahead.

Albert K.K. ADZAYI Chairman



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