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01.12.2004 NPP News

NPP Has Failed To Abolish “Cash&Carry” - CPP

By IC4
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....But Busy Showing Wealth The question on many lips in the poorest areas of Ghana is this – why is the NPP spending so much money on its campaign?, when we do not have food to eat each day , money to pay school fees or cure ourselves when we fall ill , and where are they getting the money from?.

The NPP leopard never changes its spots, many are also saying - at the time of independence, when the CPP was busy in the villages finding out the needs of people and educating them, they were busy in Accra , in their elitist white suits telling the Colonial rulers that Ghana was not ready for independence. When the CPP was helping fellow Africans to liberate themselves , they were quick to oppose, when the CPP was working tirelessly to put in place the Unitary State which has served and maintained Ghana as a united country, they were busy fighting for and preaching federalism; they opposed the Development Plans which has given Ghana 95% of the development , infrastructure , economic and social amenities it has today; they reversed the faculty changes at Ghana's Universities which would have meant Ghana would today have had the highly trained personnel in advance technology; they abandoned many viable projects after the treason against the CPP , wasting millions in the process; they have opposed the creation of highly successful and profitable state concerns such as Ghana Commercial Bank, which according to a recent Bank Survey is the number one bank in Ghana and has held that spot for the last 6 years; they have intentionally collapsed the national carrier Ghana Airways which will ultimately lead to exorbitant cost of air travel as foreign airlines cash in on Ghanaians. Far from creating jobs they are always looking to sell-off profitable Ghanaian ventures to foreigners. Their elitist and greedy tendencies throughout the history of Ghana has not diminished and has indeed manifested itself in a new twist for the campaign leading to election 2004 – they have spent billions on Electronic Billboards and glossy adverts, and millions allegedly from foreign branches have been spent in donating 4Wheel Drives, Cars, Bicycles and even a Power Glider Plane to the NPP, all at a time when they have failed in their promise to abolish “Cash & Carry” at our hospitals, at a time when they have failed in their promise to create 100,000 jobs, at a time when the highly respected Institute of Scientific Social and Economic Research(ISSER) has reported a leap in poverty levels, at a time when doctors , nurses and other professionals are deserting hospitals and other places of work.. When will this leopard learn, how much have NPP branches donated to charity in Ghana as opposed to the millions donated to show off their opulence? – this is a question many are asking. Other well meaning Ghanaians with similar levels of funds to donate, will join the numerous Ghanaian groups already donating to charity services to donate to Korle Bu Hospital to renovate the Children's Ward and/or help the many who cant afford their “Cash & Carry” health costs, donate hospital beds and equipment etc

The NPP however is rather more interested to show off its wealth and opulence whilst failing to deliver on campaign promises and whilst the vast majority of the country wallows in abject poverty.

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