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19.10.2004 Politics

Mumuni Braces For Action

By Chronicle
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Accra, Oct. 18, Chronicle -- Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, The NDC's Presidential running mate who suffered a near fatal accident recently staged a walk before the cameras at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra yesterday to showcase his speedy recovery and desire to roll back into action soon.

Yesterday, Alhaji Mumuni managed a short walk on a four-legged clutch covering a distance of not more than ten meters. He walked without much difficulty and promised that he would soon hit the campaign trail to make up for time lost.

He however noted that even though he was enthusiastic about running into action, he would obey medical advice regarding his capability and the volume of work he could do.

But Hon. Mumuni avoided answering questions from the media on what might have caused the accident even though he dismissed public speculations over the cause of the accident on that faithful day.

The NDC running mate, was responding to questions from the media when the NDC Presidential candidate, Prof. Evans yesterday paid him a visit at the Korle-Bu Cardio Centre with an oral get well soon message.

Alhaji Mumuni noted that several twists had been given to the probable cause of his accident but added that “As a lawyer, I owe my duty to the law and my duty to the state and this is as you know a road traffic accident. I have the responsibility to speak to the police and explain to them what happened for them to investigate. I have not had the opportunity to do that and I don't think I will want to breach the law by discussing this matter outside,” Mr. Mumuni.

“I know that there were many speculations and that is quite natural, there has been a lot of conjecture and of course it is also quite natural that where information is stale, speculation is bound to run riot and as I have indicated in God's good time, I will tell the story to the police.” He said.

According to him, what has really pre-occupied his mind is the fact that God has saved him from the calamity.

Pushed further to know whether he suspected a foul play, he chicken out and said, “That will form part of my package of the information that I will give to the police.”

Answering questions in respect of the current disturbances in Tamale and the possibility of such troubles to affect electoral activities in the area Alhaji said “The problem in Tamale is very worrying, there is no question about it. We think that all the major political players have a duty and responsibility to send positive messages of hope and of peace to the area and I believe that every effort and action and utterances from everybody should have peace perspective to it because. I believe that peace is the very foundation of everything”.

For the first time after his selection, Prof. Mills ventured into why he selected Alhaji Mumuni as his running mate. He said he basically selected him because of what he called his “competence.”

“I chose him for one particular reason. He is competent and I am delighted that God is taking care of him and once there is life there is hope. And once there is hope there is every possibility that whatever every man wants, it can be obtained. I think that I am particularly fortunate to have him and so that the NDC.” Mills said Flanked by his wife, Hon. Mumuni who is also the Member of Parliament for Kubungugu denied media reports that he was coached by the ex-President Jerry John Rawlings to say certain things in relation to his accident when he is discharged or asked to comment on the matters arising from the saccident.

Prof. Mills showered many 'thank you' messages to the medical authorities of both the 37th Military Hospital and Korle-Bufor their dedicated call to duty and to all who have shown support by way of prayers.

According to Prof. Mills the treatment given by the doctors and the nurses underscores that there were a lot of expertise in the country which should be given the needed support.

The NDC Presidential candidate indicated that though the accident was unfortunate, God's plan in the life of every individual was extremely perfect because God's wisdom surpasses the wisdom of man which man cannot understand.

He admitted that Mumuni's absence from the campaign trail could have some possible setbacks, but added quickly that Mumuni is formulating plans on his sick bed and will 'boom' as soon as he mounts the political platform for the victory of the NDC.

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