01.10.2004 General News

Hawa Yakubu, ‘Asabee’ deserve it - Baba Jamal

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BABA Jamal, Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says the action of his party supporters in preventing the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central, Madam Hawa Ogede Yakubu from seeing Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra to express her sympathy is right.

According to him, Hawa Yakubu deserved the treatment meted out to her by the NDC supporters because she spotted a hat with NPP colors to the hospital at a time to the disappointment of grieving NDC supporters. He described the move by Hon. Hawa Yakubu as cosmetic and sarcastic mo.

Speaking on LUV FM a private radio station in Kumasi, Baba Jamal indicated that if really Hawa had wanted to express a sincere sympathy to her colleague, the least she could have done was to remove the NPP's badge and hat she was wearing at that point.

But Hawa has explained that her dressing was not a deliberate attempt adding the she was on her way to attend a party rally when she made an unavoidable detour to visit Alhaji Mumuni.

Baba Jamal said that it was too difficult to control the huge crowd hence the action of those partisan supporters. He continued that Hon. Hawa could have waited patiently for high tempers of the NDC aficionados to calm down before paying the visit to the Kumbungu MP since the situation was tense with all manner of suspicions.

Touching on the issue of Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng, the Deputy Minister of Information who was also prevented by the NDC funs from presenting a flower and card to the Alhaji Mumuni, Baba Jamal emphasized that there was nothing wrong with the actions of the supporters.

“At that crucial time when all the NDC funs and other sympathizers were so worried and confused over the incident and the fact that the running mate was in comma, Asamoah Boateng should have waited for him to regain consciousness and up to a time he could talk properly before he goes there”, he stressed.

Earlier, he had jumped into the defense of his Boss, Dr. Joshua Aryeh for accusing the NPP government for having had a hand in the accident involving their presidential running mate.

The NDC scribe is purported to have said on T.V. that he suspected that the government had a hand in the accident, a claim that has so far not been supported by any evidence.

Baba Jamal asserted that it was normal for any investigator and for that matter lawyer to start raising suspicion on a case of this nature. “He is a lawyer and every good lawyer will tell you that when there is a case involving criminality, the investigator has to start on the point of suspicion”, he noted.

He observed that the fact that Mr. Aryeh has raised suspicion does not mean he has concluded the fact of the incident. Suspicion does not mean conclusion since the accident still remains a mystery and all what people are saying about it is just mere speculation and rumor.

According to him, the suspicion has come about because the nature of the accident raises a lot of questions. “It is the reason why we are suspecting and there are certain questions that we are asking.”

“Why did Mumuni get up so early, who gave him the phone call? And why did the police clear the car so early and quickly? He quizzed.

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