31.05.2015 Feature Article

Nana Has Spoken

Nana Has Spoken
31.05.2015 LISTEN

Now that Nana Addo has spoken, let peace prevail. If indeed you are a committed member of the great Npp, I expect you to heed to the call of the flagbearer and hopefully the president of the Republic of Ghana come 2017.

This is not the time to apportion blame or point accusing fingers at each other but rather a time to mend bridges.

Fellow patriots, lets put the past behind us and move forward in oneness so as to prosecute agenda 2016. Thus, winning the 2016 elections.

Fellow kukrudists, I'll urge you to ignore saboteurs like Arthur Kennedy. These are elements within the party who will do anything to see Nana Addo not becoming president. So instead of engaging him and his likes in needles debates, lets channel that energy into prosecuting agenda 2016 and hopefully by the grace of the almighty Allah, Npp will prevail in 2016.

Did I hear the propagandists say Nana should have condemned Kennedy Agyepong? This shows the level of governance we've been subjected to.

At a time when tempers and emotions are high, you expect a leader to condemn other than calling for a ceasefire?

I'm glad Nana Addo didn't condemn anybody but rather called for a ceasefire from both ends. This is a mark of a leader.

On a light note, please don't tell her I wrote something political because I can't stand her anger. Oh yes!! I'm afraid.

Congratulations to all gunners. We've successfully defended the FA cup. For your information, Papa Wenger is now the professor of FA cup management!!! This should be a springboard for us going into next season. Indeed, I'm a proud Arsenal fun. Gunners 4lyf.

Folks,I'm still for Nana!!
Npp beku me!!!
The hastag still remains #kakrathings.
Domfeh Kwabena Gyeabour

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