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Apr 16, 2015 | General News

Ghanaian murdered as South Africa's xenophobic attacks intensify

Ghanaian murdered as South Africa's xenophobic attacks intensify

Ghanaian Emmanuel Kwesi Quaison has been killed in Durban by local gangs as xenophobic attacks in South Africa intensify.

Details of how he was killed are yet to be confirmed but the attacks have sent several African nationals living in that country into hiding.

Emmanuel's killing brings to four, the number of Africans killed in two weeks for earning a living in foreign territory.

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Rising unemployment amongst black South Africans is fuelling animosity against other African nationals living in the relatively prosperous multi-racial country.

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Members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) try to control a protester after clashes broke out between a group of locals and police in Durban . Photo: AFP

In Johannesburg on Thursday, police fired tear gas at a crowd chanting anti-immigrant slogans after attacks on foreign-owned shops. Dozens of migrants sought refuge in a police station, the BBC has reported.

South Africa's xenophobic culture got worldwide condemnation in 2008 when at least 62 foreign nationals lost their lives.

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