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16.01.2014 Feature Article

Ama Ghana We Don’t Love Till We Go Yonder

Ama Ghana We Don’t Love Till We Go Yonder
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Ama Ghana's prominence started resonating from the days the first Europeans arrived and nick-named her Gold Coast. It started stamping its beauty and ambidexterity among her peers when the struggle of independence started. She finally gain love and became a beacon of hope for Africa's liberation.

Independent attainment got us on an industrial path and we became a delight for many other nations from Africa to the diaspora. Her sons and daughters started exploit in many endeavors.

But today, her own children run to seek greener pastures most especially based on movies featuring beautiful scenery of other develop countries. Stories told by family and friends back home from 'abrokyire'(western) world wet the appetite of many.

The youth of Ama Ghana are those who leave our shores with many hope based on stories told and movies watched. Ama Ghana have lost many sons and daughters due to this adventure, desert route, " stoway" and many other ways.

What is sad to tell is, not everyone succeed whetheri the educated or least educated. My encounter with some Ghanaians who left home better off, though hardworking life is slashing them. Many many many will never come home to meet their loved ones. I couldn't hold my tears when I entered Ghana house in Yeovile where someone has been stranded for over 20 years.

Many wish they can tell their stories but who will listen? This are abled hardworking Ghanaians, we back home does not see meaning in their suffering when they tell it. Many don't know what to say,i if dear ones call. Many are simply on AWOL.

Many I spoke with will tell you, if anyone says Ghana is difficult then they don't know what Ama Ghana has and her value. One asked what is more painful than to die without knowing what will happen next because "Obi manso ooh"

They advised; never just believe what you see on TV and tales "burgers" say. Yes some make it, only few are genuine. The jobs graduates will not even open an eye to, in the abrokyire world it's a hot cake. If you don't have what it takes to get a decent job, it's best to drink your "koko"

Let's all build Ama Ghana, she has many to offer if we dedicate and commit to her development. And also we implore governments to put the rights structures in place to develop our mother land.

Long live Ama Ghana Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah [email protected]

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
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