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American Presidential Elections Outcome; Race Based Or The Economy?

American Presidential Elections Outcome; Race Based Or The Economy?
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President Obama inherited three major wars when he became the 44th president of the United States in January 2009.

America was in the middle of two foreign wars and a domestic war, which is perhaps the greatest of all three wars! The American economy was in shambles, mostly as a consequence of the two foreign wars and the housing bubble which burst.

Logically, any reasonable person would conclude that the facts of these three wars are public knowledge and that President Obama inherited these crises of losses and should be forgiven, as he is not the cause, but merely took over, as he is constitutionally required.

But, it is the case that the American public is unforgiving and would punish any president whose tenure is pervaded by high unemployment, no growth or a dormant economy, coupled with these, mostly unnecessary and adventurous foreign wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the almost-war, in Libya

It is also the case, that the election of President Obama, as unprecedented as it was, it has also regenerated racial animosity against African Americans. Americans across the American racial divide rallied behind the Obama candidacy and that saw Obama and the Democrats to trounce the Republicans in the 2008 general elections.

Since then however, there has been a seeming sea-change or even seismic shift in attitude, at least among a segment of the American voting public. Some racists have engaged in racial racketeering and religious bigotry against the Obama presidency.

These vile have been brazen and unpretentious in all references to President Obama's racial heritage, background and even his name. He has been called a Muslim, even by those who also have blamed him for being a member of Reverend Jeremiah's church for 20 odd years.

In President Obama, American racists found a closet Muslim or a Muslim who is simultaneously a follower of a Christian pastor of note! A concept, which in the natural course of events, is mutually exclusive!

How does anyone explain the illogicality of some, who have castigated Mr. Obama as a follower Reverend Wright, seen by them as a Christian fanatic, and the same Obama is seen as a Muslim or closet Muslim by the same haters and racists?

Tea Party and other sundry fringe groups have portrayed President Obama as the real and imagined enemy of America, Americans and American value system. These elements have during these preceding four years portrayed Mr. Obama as some sorts of hydra-headed serpent devil or some sorts of embodiment of ultimate evil.

There are those who supported Mr. Obama to electoral victory in 2008, and then some, who soon after, appeared to have been suffering from buyers' remorse, making pronouncements and acting publicly as if they did not, or never appreciated the full import of electing to be president of the USA, a person of mixed-race heritage and son of an African immigrant to boot!

It was as if the election outcome became an embarrassment as such, for producing this incandescent, yet, a person from a very complex background, an American from Kansas by way of Kenya! This ought, in itself, a quintessential American story, American liberalism, inclusiveness, and diversity, and lending credence to America being the world's melting pot and all!

Unfortunately, some Americans have been excoriating President Obama as if he is a plague on America. Mr. Obama is ceaselessly painted as someone who plots endlessly, the disabling and total collapse and disablement of America

Now, at the cusps of American presidential elections, what shall we conclude as the predicate or rationale for an Obama election loss or defeat?

The American economy in quagmire, which has sagged and spiraled downwards before and during all of the four years of the Obama presidency, or just pure, and simple irrational, illogical and inexplicable racism and its animus and venoms which were directed at POTUS Obama by so many, during these preceding four seemingly long years?

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