Mon, 24 Sep 2012 Feature Article

Free SHS is impossible - NDC

Free SHS is impossible - NDC

Free SHS is impossible - NDC
Why is it so hard for some people to agree with the NDC on this issue?

It is impossible to them because money which could have been used to finance such a noble project was given to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, Isofoton, CP, Waterville, and others as judgment debts.

It is impossible for the NDC government because its priorities are misplaced.

It is impossible for them because their "greedy bastards" have been busy stealing government money for the past three and half years.

It is impossible for them because their "young ones" have been maliciously biting their political opponents instead of brainstorming and coming out with workable policies for the nation.

It is impossible for them because they've been busy stealing, eating, and destroying Ghana.

What have they been stealing?
They've been stealing from contracts and international business transactions done on behalf of Ghana: Korean STX, etc.

What have they been eating?
They have been eating the fruit of NPP's 8 years of pragmatic economic policies.

What have they been destroying?
They have been busy destroying the economy and the future of Ghana and then turning around to blame it on textbook economics.

With such an "enviable" record, why won't they say that the free SHS educational policy is impossible.

The astute politician of today needs to be proactive. This is what NPP's Nana Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia have been busy doing.

Together they see that investment in the educational future of our children is the only way to keep abreast with a fast and advancing global world.

This is the reason for the stance the NPP team has taken: That the free SHS educational policy is POSSIBLE!!!

And the discerning voters and good people of Ghana have fully embraced this idea.

Their thumbs will decide who runs the affairs of our great nation, come December 7, 2012.

Press Release from Dr. Adom Tufuor of Restore Hope Watchdog (A Focus Group).