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27.07.2012 Feature Article


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Big old Prof was NDC's political marionette. The Party called the shots, Mills just listened.

All through the period that President Mills health became public knowledge the NDC have had conflict, with the public opinion and did adopt a single stance, concentrated on in particular propaganda and lies and uncompromising approach. In very few cases we hear a different opinion or unusual criticism of the common perception.

Time has come for NDC to stop viewing conflict by the use of distortions, with blind hatred.

If the impossible happens and one person or another dare challenge their dominant view, the NDC starts to shake and quickly we see charges against the "sinner" in various ways and forms, in a bid to smear him and repress his thoughts.

Many NDC leaders utilize the health issue as well as governance issue as a means to sowing discordant among our own people. The NDC as a government have been very oppressive and had sought to deprivation of human rights, with greater scaremongering dosages and the injection of hate into the nation's veins. This is done while the media having inclination under this dark regime strictly refers to their political opponents as the “Capitalist enemy,” for fear that the simple folk get confused and perceive their Political Opponent as a friendly, peace-seeking party.

The NDC is a Political party that uses intimidation, lies, extortion and false statements to mislead their simple minded followers blindly to political slaughter. Nearly everything they say is hypocritical. They blame others for their bad decisions. Throw around terms such as social democrats and socialist with absolutely no understanding of the meaning or correlation to current events. Most are on some social program and don't even know it because of their lack of education. Most of their leaders are self serving billionaires. These Tea-bangers are holding the country hostage.

They say publicly that they are patriots, on the other hand would destroy every liberty guaranteed us by the constitution. They demand free enterprise, on the other hand are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their ultimate intent with regards to which all there is, are intended for, is to gain control of political power so that, by means of the power of the state and the power of the market at the same time, they will be able to keep the masses in abject subjection.

Why do most Ghanaians scared of the truth? Sometimes we end up living life as a liar because of the fact that we constantly evade the truth in order to avoid and take a detour from “Pain”. To a great degree it is doing us no good. It won't help anyone and it only makes us uncomfortable.

Why are people taking the former Head of State, Jerry John Rawlings to the cleaners? Why are we so intimidated by the realities of facts?

Brilliant analysts like Kweku Baako and Randy Abbey for the first time have veered off. They seem to have been swept also by public sentiments. My sense of reason feels pain for the lack of courage to be absolved from this phobia and culture of apathy.

We should as a people come to an understanding that those who are bold to voice truth out are true to our cause than those who sing to our praises.

In my last article titled THE NDC PARTY AND ITS SUPPORTERS MUST BE HELD FOR OBVIATING FACTS ABOUT THE PRESIDENT'S HEALTH”, I asked many questions on issues pertaining to deceased President.

For a long time the public had been fed political lies and intimidation about his health. Though it was a public knowledge, the true state of his health was shrouded in the wonderland. When Sekou Nkrumah spoke about it he was brand a maverick, for the reason that, he had bone to pick with Mills. I'm at my wit end. I'm finding very difficult to hold on to reason the scathing attacks on Rawlings, for stating a fact of life.

What Rawlings said must really be analyzed with a sense of maturity and sensibleness. It must be objective and not infantile with seething dislike. He is quoted as saying:

“It was quite a shock to both my wife and I because he's been battling the cancer for quite a while but this is certainly the wrong time for him to go because we have elections around the corner in December,” he stated.

Mr. Rawlings said “quite frankly I think that had he been advised and done something wiser earlier on, he could probably have survived for another six, seven months, I guess but it got too tight, it got extremely tight.”

What is evil or wrong or so damning that most Ghanaians are on war-path with the man who brought the man Mills from obscurity to prominence?

I believe Mills surely knew that he had not been fair with the Rawlingses. Jerry John Rawlings had stood by Mills than any other party apparatchik. Poor Rawlings there you are? As recorded in the bible, those who said hosanna, hosanna were the very people had said crucify. Now there he is been sacrificed on the altar of hate he prescribed for political opponents.

Those he nurtured to hate are now his pathological enemies.

All the same, one would have to ask question, where from these Political Frankenstein? These young NDC chaps have become monstrously notorious or infamous, usually for their outrageously controversial behavior or ridiculously bombastic statements. Once the resulting monster is unleashed, the media usually has a field day with it and even the powers-that-be seemingly cannot regain control of it and make it go away.

Ever had that tingly and nagging feeling where you want to find something out? The kind of feeling where you are investigating who took the last slice of bread and no one will admit taking it. Then you droop or hang down in a loose floppy way. Well that is how it feels if you are staved off from the truth. Whether you like it or not, you will always have that tingly curious feeling of wanting to know the real story.

Sometimes, people lie and hide things from us. That's something we can't avoid. It is bad but it's just part of the human nature. Sometimes, people lie to avoid hurting our feelings, but sometimes a lie can hurt you even more than the truth. Therefore good lie or bad, no matter what the situation is, knowing the truth will give you the chance to evaluate your current relationship and handle it properly.

Ghanaians must realize if someone does tell you the truth, you should appreciate it because that person was brave, honest and respects you enough to share it. It simply means that person cares enough about your relationship that he or she would not want it to go to ruins because of dishonesty. Instead of feeling bad, take the truth and use it as an opportunity to do something about the current situation you are in and move forward.

Use the truth in a positive and productive way instead of using it for negativity. Don't dread on the truth too long because it won't help anyone. Instead, use it as a tool for you to handle any situation you are in. Use it as a way to move forward with your relationships in life.

Use it as a way to evaluate and move forward with the different relationships you have in life.

So have no fear. Knowing the truth will give us a sense of satisfaction. Maybe not right away, but it is definitely a better feeling compared to wondering all these years what actually happened. Knowing what is what, will also eliminate that feeling that there are millions of butterflies flying in your stomach and of course, the bye-bye curiosity.

Without a doubt, it would definitely be a better feeling when most of the people you meet are honest with you compared to most of them lying to you. So open your eyes and embrace the truth. After all, “The truth does set you free” and it does. It gets rid of the guilt, curiosity and conscience that ever keep criticizing our conscience when we lie and look for the truth.

Many of those in politic are just like a pickpocket; it is very nearly not possible to get him to get rid of his unacceptable behavior. However, the difference between those in politics and a pickpocket is that a pickpocket doesn't always get piqued when you tell them to keep their hands to themselves.

Let live honest life. We have had enough with all their liars that ruin relationships and burn bridges. We have had enough with their liars that hurt people and make their lives miserable like corruption and misleading people.

It is about time to live a good clean life of honesty. After all, people love honesty. Yes, everyone. People in your business love honesty, couples, family, friends, authorities and many others.

Time has come for NDC to stop viewing conflict by means of distortions, and with blind hatred.

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