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05.06.2012 Feature Article

Birds do walk in two legs like man....?

Birds do walk in two legs like man....?
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'Bipedalism' over quadruped is a sign of higher or primitive/primordial evolution? Many animals exhibit bipedalism occasionally and while some exhibit obligate 'bipedalism' like man.

Bipedalism does give advantage to the animals to see the surroundings better than being quadruped. That is why many animals like squirrels, meercats etc., use bipedal posture often. Bipedalism also give animals to use the forelimbs to other purposes like eating, holding etc., All birds in nature live as bipeds like man.

The most important advantage of being bipedal is it helps in effective thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is inevitable for brain development. The question is why all bipedal animals have not yet evolved like man, examples being Ostrich, Kiwi, and Cassowary. The above question is relevant to all the birds as well in general.

The primary focus of the article is not to find answer to the question but to separate out a very important management message for the corporate.

In nature, all bipedal animals have not evolved equally. Some remain as what they are by using the bipedal advantage. While man alone evolved beyond comprehension, definition and limits when compared to his other counterparts in jungle. The squirrel is the most primitive animal classified under 'class rodents' in the mammalian taxonomy. Birds, in fact, are in the order lower than mammals.

The beauty of the creation is that some animals that are far below human being as per the scientific classification and grouping also show bipedalism like man. Certainly bipedalism not only helped in the anatomical evolution of man (brain development and thermoregulation) but also in the behaviour of man.

Why bipedalism has not helped the squirrels or birds to evolve further? Understand the eternal truth that having an advantage never means it would favour one to go beyond or evolve further. Many may use such unique advantages just survive and not for success and to go beyond miles, leaps and bounds or the brief. Why, no one can answer.

The essential message the corporate need to derive from the above example is how to appoint people at the top level. Many top level leaders do behave like squirrels and birds and never use their 'bipedal' advantage for success. If such people are made at the helm of affairs, they would push the organization only towards 'survival psychology' and not towards 'winning psychology'.

The role of HR in understanding all subtle aspects of people and their capability thinking is essential. Most single man driven corporate make even a wrong choice in appointing people to head the HR function.

Remember all MBA graduates from the same premier management schools are not equal and same. The real advantage is not what one has but how one makes use of it to go beyond like how the bipedal advantage man used to go beyond while the squirrel and birds remain as what they are.

Be wise in your choice and have merit in your logic otherwise stupidity and ego becomes the key ingredients of your HR culture.

Ref: Management Book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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