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25 April 2012 | Politics

JJ's Man Confirms Plans To Form A New Political Party

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Dr Kwasi Ofei-Agyemang
Dr Kwasi Ofei-Agyemang

A leading member of the NDC and a known Rawlings fanatic has openly admitted that plans are far afoot for the formation of a new political party by some aggrieved former members of the ruling party.

Dr. Kwasi Ofei-Agyemang, who is also a former NDC parliamentary candidate for the Ayawaso Central Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, says the new party will be formed on the principles of probity, accountability and social justice.

The close associate of the Rawlingses opines that there is nothing wrong if he decides to form a political party, thus confirming reports that he is leading a campaign to form a new political party which is yet to be registered.

Dr Ofei-Agyemang, who resigned from the NDC Monday because of what he sees to be the bad treatment meted out to the Rawlingses, accused the leadership of the party and government of not having taken steps to include Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings in the party electioneering campaign ahead of the December polls after the Sunyani Congress in 2011.

Speaking to Suhuyini Alhassan on  Radio Gold 's newspaper review, Dr. Ofei-Agyemang confirmed going to the offices of the Electoral Commission (EC) to make inquiries about the processes involved when one wants to come out with a political party. Asked what the new party will stand for, the former NDC parliamentary aspirant simply told the host to become a member of party and all his questions will be answered.

'Am I not a citizen of this country to ask of how to form a political party? Yes, I went there (Electoral Commission)… It is my right to have an intention of forming a political party. I am no longer a member of the NDC…sometimes I wonder if Prof. Mills' government is an NDC government at all. NDC should sit up because what is happening is not going to help us in the 2012 election. I hold the principles and ideals of the party high and I believe that the party could have changed or transformed at least the infrastructure of this country. It is not too late but people have to sit up…,' he said.

Dr. Ofei-Agyeman, who preferred to be associated more with disgruntled footsoldiers of the ruling party instead of the former First Family, hinted that that the yet-to-be formed party will consider transforming the infrastructure of the country which the NDC has so failed to do. According to him, he had a few suggestions which could have helped the electoral fortunes of the NDC, but 'unfortunately, that was not to be because some people have their own choices.'

He revealed that a lot more people are set to leave the governing party and join the yet-to-be formed.

'…there will be thousands of people who would want a vehicle that will deliver, definitely, I will not hide that one from you; a vehicle that will unite people…there will be a lot more people who have the aspiration that I have…' Dr. Ofei-Agyeman said.

Source: Peacefmonline

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