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23 April 2012 | Opinion/Feature

Parliamentarian's War On Slave Castle Milled Executive Thuggery

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The paymaster general authorizes not consolidated fund payments even though he appointed a finance minister who ministers the motherland's treasury.

A commander-in-chief enforces not the security for the safety and peace of the motherland. It is a story of how personalities may grow or retard institutions and the laws set out to run them.

The two 'I am nots' sound seem any or some or all of tragedy, comedy, apocalypse. In fact, none an expectation of an executive president supersedes authorizing payments from the consolidated fund and ensuring a motherland's security.

It's not about cutting sods for schools under trees construction or commissioning KVIPs. Not also cheering on staffers who declare parts of the national capital no-go areas for compatriots who speaketh Ga tongues not in the congress declared one big prayer camp motherland.

Keeping the purse and maintaining order are basic presidential assignments in executive presidencies. Ours differs not in constitutional prescriptions and proscriptions.

Congress has griped over the repeal of the criminal libel law. Since January 7, 2009, they have combed various pieces of legislation, including the moribund and the archaic to rake up free speech and expression suppression.

They found fear and panic to charge Amina Yutong and Fonkar forever Owusu-Bempah with. Now Kennedy Agyapong's charges are treason and terrorism punishable by death. Remember congress the executor with a pedigree of executions of dissenters from its selfish dictatorship.

It may not be bloodthirsty soldier congress, but possibly professors and doctors too. The congress doctor may know many ways of killing a cat and the professor may not be a vampire thirsting for blood, not state-sponsored death.

Those making reference to inciter radio in the Rwanda pogrom must first learn and know that conditions of inequality and the exploitation of one ethnic group by another had primed it.

Read Tables 5.1 and 5.2 of the dishonest ethnic campaign book 'Classes and Tribalism in Ghana' published in 2007. No data on post-1979! Just check who has encumbered which public (presidency, parliamentary, judiciary, civil service, parastatal and MMDA) positions since 1979. Compatriots will certainly think more about that than euphemistic verbal declaration of war without weaponry.

Concerned compatriots should talk to gallant Colonel Damoah. They should investigate the cancellation of recruitment into the army, foreign service, police and many other public service areas since January 7, 2009. They should read Awoonor the council of state.

Some have said we are sitting on a time bomb. The sad thing is that many of us who have created that device would have disappeared long before latter generations come to suffer the dire consequence of our actions and inactions.

We can do something now by facing the issue squarely or we can continue to build up the foundation for destruction by deluding ourselves that all is well. Ghanaian Times says the complacency must stop.

Errant congress has been pampered and goaded on as it drives the motherland to a precipice. We didn't need to spend money, energy, and effort on a transition Act. For as long as no one is willing to school congress and whip them into line that democracy is about talking and reaching consensus about the controversial, no amount of legislation will make them democratic.

Even as architects of the 1992 Constitution, they still find it so difficult to work with it. It is simply because they are not prepared or don't know how, or pretend to function democratically.

For a lasting peaceful motherland, watch the congress mosquito scribe who donned the ntrontra battledress and directed congresspeople to arm and attack the EC staff. Watch him closely as the prime treason and terrorism suspect because he has vowed that there will be no verification. Mind you he now personally owns and controls at least one media outlet, a radio station in ever troubled Tain.

There is a linkage among institutions, their operating guidelines and the individuals who operate them. Forget what constitution you write or laws you make. If the individual operating the institution does not understand it, chooses not to understand it or finds it convenient not to understand it, no matter the guiding principles, rules and regulations, the system will suffer or even fail.

When the law enforcer heeds the unwise advice of a thuggee director to persecute a parliamentarian warring against thuggism, signs become ominous. But God let not tragedy befall our dear motherland. We've heard war against corruption, absenteeism, drugs, whatever, before. None collapsed the motherland.

Thanks to the reasonable who are asking for apology from Kennedy Agyapong and the naming and shaming of media houses. There are frantic attempts by some programme hosts to moderate 'properly.' These are ways forward. Let us intensify effective self-regulation and monitoring and victory will be for freedom of speech and expression.

 By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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