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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

15 February 2012 | Nigeria


Obinna Akukwe


In every political clime like Nigeria which has tendencies for roguery, it is very dangerous for so much funds to be concentrated on so few hands. Some Nigerians especially those in the oil block and oil bunkering businesses are individually worth over$10 billion dollars. At least twenty oil magnets in Nigeria are worth that much .Their shrewd investments of the stolen wealth have ensured steady increase in net worth over time. Some of these people are part of the sponsorship of the PDP branch of Boko Haram. They are equally so connected that security agents fall over themselves to give them sensitive information for a handsome fee or in return for career advancements and political patronage. The nations security arms are gradually through intelligence gatherings and uncompromised operations, apprehending the leaders and couriers of Pro-sharia and Al-queda Boko Haram. The PDP Boko Haram is still as free as air. Though some of them are irritated by the developments and are trying to seek tacit withdrawal, however their masterminds are not moved by the recent developments. Their sponsors-in –chiefs are not afraid of President Goodluck. Their only fear is that an expose on their ignoble roles could turn to a huge political deficit especially with the unanimous condemnation of the bloodletting by both Christians and Muslims of Nigeria.

President Goodluck said in January 2011 that the sponsors of Boko Haram are in High places in government, judiciary security etc. The national security adviser, General Azazi have reiterated the same ting just recently. These leaders of the polity are speaking in parables and expect Nigerians to decode their message. They speak in tongues while the nation is boiling. All these hushed tones are carefulness in preparation for 2015.The PDP Boko Haram is fighting because of 2015, The presidency is equally speaking in tongues because of 2015. Everything has been reduced to 2015 succession politics. Who knows who will survive till 2015.

President Goodluck should at least tell Nigerians from the list before him, those indicted for sponsoring Boko Haram. He should equally gather the will to prosecute these PDP partymen as a deterrent or else another bunch of disgruntled politicians will toe the same line in the future. Failure to do so is preparing the ground for constant affront on the Nigerian State. There is a Biafran proverb that says thus” a fowl that mocked when a guinea fowl is being slaughtered knew not that the same fate that befell the guinea fowl will soon befall him” These Sponsors-in –chiefs of Boko Haram have the ability to clinically execute agendas and provide a perfect alibi. Their tactics superseded the Sanni Abacha open and brutal operandi.

MKO Abiola was expecting to be released from detention and they waited till the foreigners came calling before striking. Who would you accuse of the murder of Abiola. Tunde Idiagbon, the anti-corruption deputy to former Head of State Muhammadu Buhari , was warned by a friend not to taste anything at the State House when invited for consultations. He felt that he was smarter than the masterminds until he suddenly took ill of strange weakness after being served tea ,like MKO Abiola. On getting to his house in Ilorin, Idiagbon died 23 days later in March 1999. Allowing people capable of overthrowing the Nigerian State with an evil agenda to be roaming about is very dangerous.

The Emir of Kano , Ado Bayero, after the Kano bombings have assured the president of support. The Sultan of Sokoto said the same thing after the Madalla bombings. Which other political support is the President looking for before confronting the behemoth from the northern PDP. If the traditional northern establishments have spoken against the evil coupled with the words of other prominent Nigerians, then the presidential foot drag could be injurious to the polity.

The fear of political recession, infighting and the need not to overheat the polity are part of the reasons the presidency is approaching this matter with caution. The polity is already overheated, different nationalities are calling for a break-up and only the hand of God is holding the nation together. If the nation's political leadership continues to play this chess game with members of the PDP Boko Haram in their hands even God will remove his hand and there might be no 2015 for anybody to rule.

Obinna Akukwe.
Financial/IT Consultant

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