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22.08.2011 Feature Article

A comparison of beauty and evolution among male and female between human and animals

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A comparative study on the 'beauty' and 'intelligence (evolution of emotion)' among female and male gender between animal and human world would reveal that the nature is very impartial, fair & lovely and it has done justice in such a way that, it would be absolutely satisfactory to both genders.

Definitely the male gender score a lot on physical / morphological beauty and which is true for both animals and humans. All sexually dimorphic animals like peacock or parakeet or macaw or lion or sparrow, only the male animal appear very attractive or 'beautiful'. In colour vibrancy, in majesty and in distinctiveness, the female gender miserably lack and is way behind when compared to their male counterpart. It is true in human world also.

The other question is about whom, the male of female is more evolved? The emotional advancement should be taken as an index/key indicator for measuring the evolution.

In human world, the female gender in general seeks emotional support or satiation. In the sense, they always look for emotional companionship, emotional appreciation and recognition to their identity etc. On the contrary, the male gender in general is so physical or 'so called practical' people. Being emotional is considered to be a sign of weakness by most male members in human world.

In the case of animals, emotion plays a very limited role and they are always practical. They never known to look for emotional companionship and always look for protecting or safe guarding companionship. The lioness will love to have a very powerful lion as head of the pride. It is true for all other dimorphic animals also. Female animals choose the most powerful male as their partner. The choice of powerful male is done purely based on the physical strength and aggression in animal world.

But it is not the case with human being. The females in human world generally choose their male counterparts who care & share and does not scare & shear.

What differentiate humans from animals? If we look at both animals and humans from the biological point of view, both of them ingest the food, digest and excrete. Then what differentiate them? Humans are evolved and the above definition is derived from their intelligence only. The intelligence keep them practical and simultaneously also look for emotional happiness which is beyond the space of basic existential needs. Animals generally never look for such space.

Women always look for emotional space and emotional solace, which is unique to humans and that is what is the sign of 'human evolution'. Men seldom look for such emotional space or comfort and such behaviour of men can be easily compared with the similar behaviour of animals.

When we look at women and men from the perspective of evolution, women are more evolved and exhibits near complete human identity whereas, men are primitive and they share absolute homology with animals.

When we look at women and men from the perspective of beauty, men are more beautiful than women, whether in animal world or in human world.

Nature is very genuine as it has gifted more beauty to male gender and great intellectual evolution or advancement to women. May be to balance the ecosystem of male-female relationship where one would be practical and other would be intellectual who would shift the practical man from working for the basic needs to feel happy and enjoy life in its fullest form.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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