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11.01.2011 Feature Article

An American Terrorist in Tucson Arizona

An American Terrorist in Tucson Arizona
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An American Terrorist in Tucson Arizona
Written by Paul I. Adujie

An all American terrorist shot six persons to death, this terrorist, this monster, this animal was allowed to purchase an automatic 9 millimeter weapon with which he assassinated a federal judge, Judge Roll and five others, while seriously wounding a sitting Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords

But soon after the murderous carnage and massacre by this terrorist, too many American political figures and the American media, have insistently badgered the American public with the fact that the terrorist is certifiably a lunatic!

It leaves me again, wondering aloud about these permanent double standards and hypocrisies in America. First of all, this terrorist, were he an Arab, or an African or an African American, he will be castigated as a monster, animal, bloodlust terrorist hoodlum. But for some inexplicable excuse, the public and press have been strenuously building this terrorist's legal defense by continually insisting that he is deranged, insane and his terrorism is therefore understandably expected?

When a guard in Pakistan murdered a regional governor in Pakistan, the governor who was vocally against blasphemy laws in Pakistan, the western press wasted no time in calling the murderous bodyguard what he is, an assassin and a hatemonger.

But, here in America, the assailant of six citizens is being politely described as mentally unstable and a crazy! Is it not the case that all those who engage in mindless-needless violence are crazies?

Colin Ferguson murdered and maimed persons in commuter train in New York several years ago, and some of us clearly remember how he was portrayed and I have no recollection anyone, including those in the media, enquiring as to the medical details Colin Ferguson's state of mind at the time he committed the heinous crimes

Similarly, an American citizen piloted his plane into a federal building in Texas and the public and press dealt with the incident as if it were an acceptable collateral damage. Joseph Stack

was variously described as disgruntled taxpayer and tax protester etc. References to his violence against public property were mild

Here now, we have a 22 years old terrorist, hoodlum, monster, animal also known as Jared Lee Loughner who knowingly committed premeditated massacre and mass murders and maiming of scores, and he is being described in tepid terms as if he was engaged in sleepwalking and stole some cookies from a popular bakery? Even as Tucker Carlson demand public execution for Michael Vicks for maltreating dogs?

All reasonable persons are saddened by the needless death of a nine year old Christina Green an innocent baby, with whole life still ahead of her! Where is the outrage?

Then, the entire tragedy gets even more complicated! Arizona lax gun laws made it possible for Jared Lee Loughner to purchase an automatic assault weapon, a Gluck!

Arizona is anti gun control. Arizona guns have frequently wound up in Mexico acting as incendiary devices in the drug violence which has killed 30,000 Mexicans in a couple of years, more deaths than would be expected in a nation with a raging civil war. Should all reasonable Americans not be alarmed knowing that this nation's lax gun control laws is directly and indirectly responsible for the death of thirty thousand lives?

It is also the case, that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Judge Roll are avid supporters and advocates of gun rights and the fabled Second Amendment Right which protects gun ownership. It is sad to see anyone hurt or die. But it is rather ironical that the hurts and deaths in this instance have come about through the use of a gun, a gun in the hand of someone who should not have had it, were gun control laws not so lackadaisical in Arizona, even for the certifiably insane Jared Lee Loughner !

We have heard that gun don't kill people, but criminal do, but, what exactly is wrong with making it more difficult for criminals to find their tools and instruments of death and maiming? America is no longer a hunter-gatherer society. America has a regular military and law enforcement agencies from local police to the FBI to ATF and the occupants of Pentagon, so the Originalist's tenuous Second Amendment argument regarding right to bear arms is so dated and assuredly antiquated!

Americans should learn to appreciate simple pleasures of American life. Foods, Books, Computers etc, not guns! Guns are not necessaries or necessities of any life, not in this twenty-first century! Americans who feel hot and heavy and warm upon hearing about guns, should join the Marines, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, there are recruitment centers near us in every community, from coast to coast, it an all volunteer force!

The American Public and Press are currently engaged in politesse as Jared Lee Loughner murderous rampage in Tucson Arizona is debated. An honest debate of this national tragedy demands that Gun Control Laws are front and center and then, the vexing matter of defining political opponents downward. We should all be reminded that political opponents of President Obama have, during the preceding twenty months castigated him as Adolph Hitler and Mussolini rolled into one, and worse, some members of the Republican Party, and their proxies-surrogates, also known as the Tea Party, have done very outrageous politicking introducing verbal violence to public discourse and worse, occasionally showing up at town halls and public gatherings with guns and all manners of weapons

It therefore must be understood, that any debate of the carnage in Tucson Arizona, must not gloss over the roles played by charlatans such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin as they have constantly added innuendoes of gun barrels, guns and violence in coy and sly references to their political opponents.

This has become a pattern. Anti abortion activists frequently engaged in preachments of moral certainty, while giving winks and nods to those who would murder doctors and other medical care givers for providing legally sanctioned medical abortion procedures. Anti abortion rhetoric egg-on violent anti abortion hoodlums and when, predictably and expectedly, murders are committed in the name of religious and moral certitudes, everyone pretends and acts surprised? This is exactly the same thing here, where for their purposes, some preach hate, bigotry and political violence and deaths, and when their followers actually act on what have been preached as gospel ad nauseam, we all once again feign shock and outrage?

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh etc are fully aware that they have multitudes of followers who are animated by the trite and irrelevancies which they preach to these very gullible and very animated followers, but, whenever these same followers follow through, to logical conclusions, the asinine illogical political garbage peddled by those engaged in political shenanigans for profit, but at the expense of everyone, again, some act all surprised and feign righteous indignations?

We will all do well to address issues concerning Gun Control and the unnecessary violence which is promoted wittingly by those who add accelerants and incendiary or flame throwing rhetoric to instigate the undiscerning members of our society, such as the murderous monster, assassin, animal and hoodlum Jared Lee Loughner, then act all surprised and in shock? No one is deceived or should be deceived.

Paul I. Adujie
Paul I. Adujie, © 2011

Paul Adujie is a lawyer, writer, radio host, public commentator, public policy analyst etc based in New York City in the United StatesColumn: PaulIAdujie

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