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28 February 2010 | Politics

Consider Assemblymembers for DCEs -Ayamdor

Mr. Ayamdor was against the appointment of DCEs
Mr. Ayamdor was against the appointment of DCEs

Mr. Alexis Ayamdor, Assemblyman for the Zorko-Kanga electoral Area in the Upper East Region, has said the President should not look beyond present and past Assembly Members when nominating District Chief Executives (DCEs).

"They stand the chance of serving their communities better than somebody who does not have any background in assembly matters because they have been trained and groomed well and are familiar with procedures and culture of the district governance structure."

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Ayamdor, observed that if Assembly Members become DCEs, the spirit of volunteerism would ascend since they know how best to engage the ordinary person in communal work without expecting monetary benefits.

Mr. Ayamdor who was against the appointment of DCEs, stated that they should be elected to give them the free hand to operate to serve the interest of their people.

According to him, there were many instances where appointed DCEs had to succumb to political pressure from central government on development issues that were not in the interest of the local people.

The Assembly Member explained that if DCEs were elected, it would make them more accountable to the people who elected them, knowing very well that their performance would determine their political destiny.

He was opposed to views widely held by a section of the public that when DCEs are elected, their opponents would work out strategies to sabotage their efforts.

The Assembly Member also urged organizations especially political ones to support women to contest the upcoming District Assembly elections.

He appealed to aspiring women to be bold and confident to contest and explained that as women, they have a very crucial role to play in national development adding, they could contribute to national development by getting themselves involved in the decision-making process.

Source: GNA


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