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18.10.2009 Feature Article, A Great Initiative Indeed, A Great Initiative Indeed
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The best comes from the west. This is a true statement by all standards. No one can dispute that fact. The West has contributed immensely to the development of our dear nation, Ghana. The West contributes perhaps the greatest percentage of our national pride so long as the resources we have as a country are concerned.

Western Region remains the highest producer of cocoa and timber in our country as well as the second highest producer of gold. The region also mines other minerals like manganese and has vast oil palm and rubber plantations scattered in the forest part of the region.

The region has educational facilities taking care of education from the primary to the tertiary levels, medical facilities and great tourism all contributing immensely to the development of the nation.

And notable among the region's achievement is that it gave us the greatest Ghanaian and African in history, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah whose vision we are still following today. Had it not been for this great man's visionary leadership, I don't think we would have been where we are today.

But having talked greatly about the western region and its contribution to our nation's building, the question we need to ask is: Have we appreciated the region and rewarded her for the great things she has given us?

Inspite of the great stuff we receive from the region, it still remains one of the most under-developed regions. A recent report in one of the dailies revealed that some of the schools in the rural communities in the region were closed down due to lack of teachers. Thank God some national service personnel have been sent there to save the situation. But then one may wonder why a region which contributes a lot to a country is not being taken care of. We have not even appreciated and highlighted the potential of this region to attract private investment.

But thank God inspite of the neglect, some great young Ghanaians have seen the potential of the region, appreciated it and have began highlighting. These great young Ghanaians I am talking about are the founders and administrators of I came across this website whiles searching for a tourist centre in that part of the country to visit.

I read from the website that the aim of the site was to highlight issues relating to the Western Region and give as much news and information about the region as possible. It also seeks to promote the work of journalists in the region as they remain the main contributors of news and articles that are featured on the site. therefore exposes the talents and contributions of journalists in the region to competition and opportunities.

The aim of these guys who initiated this project should be highly commended.

My Analysis of the Website: The site has a very beautiful colour blend and has pages for Articles, Audio Stories, Business News, Discussions, Entertainment, General News, Photos and Tourism. Each of these pages grasps one and makes it very difficult for one to navigate away; the contents are just great. The depth of information on each of the pages is extremely amazing. One can virtually educate him/herself and delight oneself about the region on this website. The site also has a place for advertisement which is also very cool. You also have the chance of reading some international news for a change.

Benefits of this Initiative: Education: You can virtually go and educate yourself about the western region on this site. This site gives you in-depth information about every the region.

Tourism: You get to know all the tourist sites in the region. This site is actually marketing Western Ghana and Ghana as a whole for that matter to the rest of the world. With this in-depth tourist information on the tourism page of the website, tourists could be attracted to the region thus bringing in revenue for the region and for Ghana as a whole.

Investment and Capacity Building: This website will provide an opportunity for writing talents in the region to exhibit their skills thus building their capacity. This is a great investment in the sense that from the corner, Ghana could produce great writers and journalists. This could also make the young people of western region, especially the writers, love their region and country better. It will make them also pay attention to the happenings of the region

All in all, this a great move that will really sell the western region and thus attract investors, create more jobs and educate more people about the region.

Once again, Kudos to those who initiated it.

By Martin Nana Baffoe Pieterson

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Martin Nana Baffoe Pieterson
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