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23.05.2009 Feature Article


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Our politicians, by generalization are all legalized thieves. How can they justify their economic metamorphosis by about 5,000 percent within a period of 4 years? With their behavior, one might be tempted to ask if they are in politics for the love of the country or they are in politics to serve their selfish greed? Political parties in Ghana are run as mafia gangs. There was a time I was criticizing the president in a group discussion when I was cautioned because the president's sister was in the group. I was warned of my disappearance.

Our Politicians, who prefer to call themselves “honourables” are also murderers, indirectly though. They are too corrupt, but they fail to realize that their corrupt and greedy nature endangers the lives of every Ghanaian. They are to blame for all the needless deaths occurring daily in our hospitals, on our roads, and even in our homes.

Ghanaians need to rise up and protest such carelessness on the part of our politicians. We need to form pressure groups fashioned after the civil rights movements in the United States to protest the captivity in which the ordinary Ghanaian finds himself/herself brought upon us by our political leadership.

Every time someone dies in a hospital it is because our political leaders misappropriated funds meant for building more hospitals, rehabilitate existing ones or equipping them.

Every time someone dies on our roads, it is because our politicians have misappropriated funs meant for building better roads in the form dual carriage highways like the Tema Motor way throughout the country. Most accidents on our roads are head-on collisions, or cars running into broken-down vehicles left on roads without shoulders.

Every time our children attend school under trees, it is because politicians have misappropriated public funds meant for building more schools and used the money to ENRICH themselves, their families, and their friends.

Our Politicians borrow money on the international market in the name of the citizens, yet they fail to be accountable in terms of what the money is used for, even though we, the tax payers are made to pay for the loan plus accrued interest, while the politicians use more than half of the money borrowed to build mansions and buy expensive cars and still want FAT end of year benefits which are not enjoyed by any others in the civil service.

Ordinary Ghanaians are fed up with the greed and opulence displayed by our politicians and their families and their circle of friends. Before the NPP came to power, there was no ALAN CASH, but now, there is one such guy who flaunts his ill-gotten wealth in the face of the Ghanaian taxpayer. Alan Cash is just but one of the numerous leaches drinking the blood of Ghanaians with impunity.

Ghanaians must stand up for their rights: economic rights, civil rights, and human rights. When you are deprived of your economic rights, you are equally deprived of you civil and human rights. We must say enough is enough and fight against being deprived of our economic rights. Ghanaians need to fight for their economic rights by forming pressure groups to demand that we will no longer sit unconcerned and allow a few to pillage the economy.

If we do not act now, the Oil boom is going to make our leaders filthy rich and the ordinary Ghanaian very very poor. We need accountability and transparency NOW. Kufour, Rawlings, and a greater majority of their followers are all thieves who protect themselves by playing POLY-TRICKS. We do not know yet about Atta Mills, but we will wait and see.

The country needs SANITY in its political dispensation. Let's do away with the winner takes all, let's elect our Regional Ministers, Municipal Executives, District Executives, and Mayors to make them more accountable to the electorate and put them under the microscopic lenses of our citizens.

Once again, Ghana needs to set an example for all of Africa to follow. Let us form civil and economic pressure groups and demand responsibility, and accountability from our leaders, who should be serving the citizens instead of the citizens serving them. Let us drag to court and jail anyone(sitting or past politician or public office holder) who embezzles public funds. Let us develop a complete system of CHECKS BALANCES by separating the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive(the presidency).

Democracy does not mean that our politicians must be placed above the law. To ensure political maturity, we should indict sitting politicians if they ran afoul of the law instead of waiting for them to go out of power before trying to prosecute them. They should stop protecting themselves by crying WITCH-HUNT when they are being prosecuted for their misdeeds. I love to see the day when Ghana will impeach a sitting President for corruption or any other vice counter to the interest of the nation.

The rampant joblessness, the high inflation, a near to useless national currency, must all be laid at the feet of our political leaders, for failing to lead the country faithfully. Instead of developing economic policies that will facilitate job creation by the private sector and lead to higher productivity to prop up the CEDI, all that our politicians think about is HOW TO LOOT THE NATIONAL COFFERS AND HIDE STATE CARS…ALMOST A THOUSAND STATE CARS GONE MISSING AT THE END OF NPP RULE. And when we want to find theses thieves and bring them to book, they try to throw dust into our eyes and say that the government should concentrate on the economy and stop going after trivialities. A thief is a thief and must be prosecuted. Let the poor Ghanaian who cannot make ends meet on a daily basis steal a toilet roll from the new shopping Mall and he or she will be thrown in Jail, but let a politician steal a car or strip a government bungalow naked of everything and our politicians want to say it's okay to steal. Our Political parties, especially, the NDC and the NPP must know that a time is coming when political miscreants cannot hide in their mansions anymore. The new and politically awakened Ghanaian has been born and is becoming watchful. The new Ghanaian will no longer wait to let the Military take over and also pillage the economy with FALSE PRETENSES. The new Ghanaian will no longer sit by and let selfish politicians deprive us of our basic economic rights and reduce us to poor earthlings. The days of true transparency and accountability are here. Our Economic rights = civil rights = human rights. Our politicians should drop the pomposity with which they roam the country. They should drop the acquired title of “HONOURABLE” for they are not honourables with their Kleptomaniac behavior…they are “DISHONOURABLES.”

By Kwasi Asamoah
Concerened Ghanaian

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