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23.03.2009 Religion

ARS leaders urged to unite

By gna

Leaders of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) have

been urged to work towards restoring unity to the Church.

This is because the Church is one of the flagship religious institutions of the

region, which they were holding in trust for the people of the Volta Region.

Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister gave the exhortation at a

thanksgiving service of the Ho Central branch of the Church, following a 26 February

2009, ruling by an Accra High Court in a protracted litigation over leadership of the

Mr Amenowode said the region could not endure the pain of a split in yet another

of its prized Churches; the White Cross Society and the Evangelical Presbyterian

Church being the others.
He said the Regional Peace Council would therefore be seeking to bring all

sections of the Church together to seek reconciliation.

Mr Amenowode expressed the hope that the ARS would set a precedent of

reconciliation, built on the foundations of the Christian value of accommodation and

the objectives for which the Society was founded in 1939.

He was optimistic that all sections in the Church would demonstrate the love of the

woman who as recounted in the judgment of the biblical King Solomon was ready to

forfeit her baby to her rival rather than see it split into two.

Captain George Nfodjo (retired), Member of Parliament for Ho-Central, exhorted

all parties to the litigation to see the courts ruling as a collective victory.

He said the differences in the Church over leadership succession were

normal consequences of a Church of the stature of the ARS and must serve to

consolidate rather than tear apart.
Captain Nfodjo observed that the ARS like the E.P. Church is treasured by

the people of the Volta Region irrespective of their religious denominations because of

its indigenous roots.
Togbui Dukli Attipoe V, a leading member of the Church said the

leadership problem was the fulfilment of a revelation regarding what would happen

after the death of its founder.
“That was why we did not kill each other but for a few bruises, our

traditions are of biblical origin,” he said.
He said the Church now has a collective leadership and all should return to

the fold.
“The Church is not divided but is celebrating the victory of the Apostles

without exception”.