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22.01.2009 Feature Article

Corpses and Politics

Corpses and Politics
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Inhuman action for 3 weeks continuously, on the Gaza region in Palestine in Middle Asia, by the Israel army, took more than thirteen hundred lives. It ended on January 17(Saturday) when Israel cabinet, collectively took the one side decision of cease fire. The Israel army that constant by for three weeks were cruel on the Gaza public, ignored the war standards despite the international opposition. Its aim remained among others were, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, religious places and even office and school run by the united nation organization. The whole world condemned this action. Israel did the action on the pretext of Hamas and hundreds of innocent children died in this action. Now a question arises, if this action of the Israel army is not a war guilty then what else.

Wonder strikes the world why did in the name Hamas, Israel selected this time for this terrible attack. And people are anxious to know the one side cease fire by Israel just four days before the oath taking ceremony of the new president of America Barak Husain Obama. Some political analysts feel that Israel selected this time to attack Gaza because George Bush was in favour of offensive policies of Israel. So it was a farewell gift by Israel to the out going American president. Secondly, Israel leadership knew it that the new president of America. Barak Obama may be a follower of American policy on Middle East but may not be in favour of the aggressive attacks of the Israel army. That is why, Israel declared one sided truce, only four days before the oath taking ceremony of Obama. After Israel, Hamas also declared cease fire.

Another argument being given about the time of Israel attack on Gaza is that expected time for the election of Israel prime minister is February10, so, the present Israel leadership wants to show itself as offensive and patriot Israel leaders. It is supposed that Israel defence minister and labour party leader Ehud Barak will get benefit of this action. He is facing the opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud Party & Foreign Minister & Kadima leader Tzipi Livni. The controversial issue of Palestine is always at the top in the elections in Israel. But the army action has brought it to the forefront because it is just before the Israel elections. If it is so that this policy has been framed for the Israel elections, then it is a matter of shame for the civilized world. But it must be confessed that crossing the dead bodies of children & other innocents helps here. The candidate contesting for the Prime Minister's Office has propagated that if Hamas is to be finished, the Jews must cooperate whereas the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has appealed to avoid such false propaganda.

Perhaps, there is no country in the world that hasn't faced anarchy, instability & peace disturbance. But Israel-Palestine in Middle East is the only place in the world that is counted as the oldest struggle area. It is not wrong to say that now Israel-Palestine struggle has reached a point where the countries having say in international politics have started earning from it. For example America by showing its full sympathy to Israel, is trying to draw its benefits in Middle East & Arab world. Britain as one of the main allies of America, follows the American policies on Israel, blindfold. Obviously the country that has open favour from America & Britain doesn't care a fig for Arab countries or UN. It is not so that Israel-Palestine struggle is only an international contesting ground for America or Britain. Here Arab countries are also trying to draw benefit from it. For example, some international political analysts agree that the present attack of Israel on Gaza may be because of the farewell of George Bush & Prime Minister's election in Israel, at the same time, it can't be refused that Israel, very well knew of the relations between Hamas & Arabs. As Hamas is known as an organization supported by Iran, so many Arab countries that are not agreeable to Iran are not willing to support Hamas. At the same time, these countries are not expected to raise war against Israel & in favour of Hamas whereas both Hamas & Iran have the same attitude for Israel or can be said that both don't accept the existence of Israel. That's why when during the 2006 election in Palestine, when Hamas came into power then both Israel & America refused to give recognition to the Hamas led Palestine government. The former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Husain, too used to oppose Israel whenever he needed the sympathy of Arab world.

Anyhow, after huge destruction in Gaza; Israel & Hamas both have declared ceasefire. But it can't be trusted. When & at what moment, the smoke turns into fire again. Israel army also has vacated Gaza whereas Hamas had given them an ultimatum to vacate Gaza within a week. On the other side, Israel after bombing Gaza for three weeks is confident that it has broken the backbone of Hamas, in such a way that it can't re-attack Israel. There, too, Israel has given a warning if Hamas tries to throw Rockets, Israel soldiers will start the war again.

The above circumstance make it clear that whosoever draws benefit from the struggle in Middle East, may be America, Britain, Israel, Iran or Saudi Arabia, but the children & other innocent people who lost their lives weren't a part of it. So the people who take political decisions are a few but the sufferers are many & are the innocents. The three weeks action of Israel should be brought before the media at international level & there should be actions declaring as war guilty. If it is not so, then there is no surprise such actions will increase in the world.


Tanveer Jafri
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