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19.11.2008 Elections

Abokobi MP Rallies For Support

By Kafui Gati -

Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, incumbent MP for the Abokobi-Madina constituency has appealed to the electorate in his constituency to renew his mandate as their representative in parliament in the upcoming election.

In an interview at Abokobi after a rally to launch his campaign, Alhaji Sorogho who is seeking his third term in Parliament acknowledged the laudable contributions of the NDC while in power and said the time had come for the people to vote back the party into power in order for it to manage the affairs of the country.

He said “everybody is calling for a change and the only person that can provide that effective leadership when the change comes is the NDC's presidential candidate, Professor Atta Mills”.

He asked the supporters to examine their living conditions and vote accordingly.  “The basis for a free, fair and transparent election which would ensure peace and stability in this country must and ought to be a credible register of all those qualified and eligible to vote,” he said.

He cautioned the NDC polling agents to be vigilant and mindful of the fact that after all has been put into campaigning, the election itself is won on the day of voting.

He expressed appreciation to the electorate for their continued support for the party over the years and hoped that they would translate their support into voting massively for the NDC in the December polls.