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03.10.2008 Politics

Pastor calls for tolerance in run up to December Elections


Reverend Amishadai Owusu, Founder of the Peace Evangelical Mission, has added his voice to the call for tolerance as the nation marches towards the December general election.

He appealed to Ghanaians to resolve not to respond to any provocative utterances or actions so as to preserve the national peace.

Reverend Owusu told the GNA in an interview that the Mission would soon launch a campaign dubbed “Wo bo me a membo wo bi”, Akan expression which translates “If you hit me, I will not hit back, to educate Ghanaians on the need to abhor retaliation.

The Minister said people should have larger and stronger minds than their hearts and control their emotions.

Rev Owusu said prior to the official launch of the campaign the Mission is going from house to house, school to school, village to village, station to station, church to church with the message for a peaceful election.