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When Arthur Kennedy decided to abandon his medical practice with the Family Health Center in Orangeburg, South Carolina, ostensibly to contest the presidency of Ghana, he was advised by several well-meaning people to really "think twice".But knowing Arthur Kennedy and his "all knowing" self, he did not heed that advice. Here is a man who knows nothing about Ghana other than his alleged plot to subvert the erstwhile PNDC government in 1982. Arthur for some reason, is so self-conceited that he was boasting of a landslide victory in the NPP presidential primaries.If he had any shame, his humiliation in the primaries would have forced him into hiding.

Let readers know that contrary to what he would want us to believe, Arthur Kennedy graduated from a third-rate off-shore Caribbean medical school and took a job with a village-level health care facility.Reports even indicate that his patient mortality rates were much higher than most of the physicians in that facility.Could this be the reason he abandoned his practice?

After disgracing himself in the NPP presidential contest notwithstanding assurances of victory to his former employers, he finds himself as the chief hypocrite and director of misinformation for Nana Akuffo Addo. In this role, he signs and releases outright lies and cheap propanganda sound bites without checking their veracity and logic.He has suddenly discovered his sense of fairness, morality and ethics. His latest effusions about Rawlings unmasks the kind of hypocrisy the NPP has subjected Ghanaians to. Where was Arthur Kennedy when his colleagues were "causing financial loss to the state" by chasing a non-existent IFC loan? Where was he when a minister on national assignment impregnated an American woman and paid her over $90,000 in child-support costs with funds from undetermined sources? Where was he when sixteen of his colleagues were paying $25,000 just to contest the flagbearership? Did he ask any questions about the source of the funds, close to three billion cedis his colleagues squandered in their abortive campaigns? Has he delved into the alleged affair the president had with Gizelle Yadzi? Has he bothered to challenge Chief Kuffuor on the sources of funds for his hotel de waa waa? Has he vever wondered how his party, prior to assuming power could not maintain its party offices but can now afford to purchase hundreds of pick-up trucks and computers for its offices? Has he enquired about how his party's ministers who a few years ago could not afford suits now wear some of the most expensive suits? Is he not worried about the financial costs of the useless numerous international travels of the president and ministers? Has he not seen the cars they drive? Is he oblivious to the conspicous display of wealth, opulence, and arrogance of his party? Is he not a witness to the six, seven and sometimes eight cars parked in the compound of some ministers? Has he not seen his NPP's neglect of the ordinary folks in Ghana? Is he not aware of his party's helplessness in dealing with the armed robbery menace in the country? Arthur Kennedy has the guts to attack others: what has he said about J.H.Mensah's attempt at subverting a previous government? Has he not heard about the false subversive allegations his NPP made against Rawlings. Col. Gbevlo Lartey, etc?


These are issues the likes of the so-called legal luminaries and seasoned journalists who a few years ago were demonstrating against the previous government, would have beaten to death had they occurred during somebody else's regime. One might ask what happened to the Mike Oquayes, Nana Addos, Kan Dapaas, Kabral Amiheres, and the shameless Freddie Blays. They currently see no evil and hear no evil? All these sychophants have today lost their voices because their bread is being over buttered.My advice to Arthur Kennedy is that he should shut up. Just as he misled some people into thinking that they could overthrow the PNDC in 1982 while he had arranged to seek refuge in a foreign embassy, he would next year pack his bag and baggage and return to the village in South Carolina after the NPP loses the elections in December!

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