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20.03.2008 NDC News

DFP Slams NDC’s Lies

By Daily Guide
DFP Slams NDC’s Lies
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THE Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has denied ever contracting people to announce their defection from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with the view to making the NDC unpopular in the Volta Region.

Reacting to a press conference held by one Alhaji Bello on March 14, 2008 at Ho where 120 supposed NDC members were to announce their defection from the party, the Ho Central Constituency of the DFP gave the genesis of events that led to the unfortunate press conference of Alhaji Bello.

According to a statement issued by the Ho Central Constituency Executives of DFP, it was rather Alhaji Bello who contacted the regional executives of the DFP that he had mobilized 120 youth who wanted to defect from NDC to DFP.

By this assurance, the statement said the regional executives did their homework with him (Alhaji) and organised a press conference for him where the defectors were supposed to announce their decision.

“The regional executives informed the Ho Central executive to join them at the venue, where Alhaji Bello gave them a copy of the speech he was to read,” which states that “We have seen the light and have decided to defect from NDC to DFP where we know that our leaders would listen to our plight for the development of the party. We strongly believe that our leaders in the NDC and other parties would say that they are disappointed in us but we know we have taken a good decision and a better choice has been made”.

The statement maintained that, that was the original speech Alhaji Bello and the defectors planned to read but “little did the defectors know that Alhaji Bello had got sinister motive to satisfy his parochial interest” because “to the surprise of the press, the regional/constituency executives, the defectors and the public present, Alhaji Bello read his own speech which the defectors knew nothing about.

In his speech, Alhaji Bello said “we are a group of NDC activists who have been contracted by the DFP to announce our defection from the NDC to the DFP in order to make the NDC unpopular in the Volta Region, especially in Ho Central.

“We hereby wish to reassure the rank and file of the NDC that we shall forever remain committed to the cause of the NDC party and that our loyalty is not for sale. We know they are disappointed but we are exposing the DFP who are enemies of progress and democracy in the forward match of this beloved country of ours.”

Alhaji Bello subsequently thanked the press for coming, the statement noted.

By James S. A. Kwashie

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