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29.12.2007 General News

Life transforming Conference opens in Accra

By GBC News

The Bibleway Assemblies of God Church has begun its annual Life Transforming Conference. This year's event is under the theme: “Your days of mourning shall end”. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the head pastor of the Church, Rev. W.W. Wilson Marfo said 2008 would be a year of prosperity for Ghanaians.

He said there will also be upliftment and opportunities to succeed. Rev. Wilson Marfo however emphasised that this calls for dedication and hard work.

He urged Ghanaians to prepare themselves and be mentally ready to take advantage of the opportunities of 2008.
This is because it will also be a season of empowerment. Rev. Marfo stated that dignity, glory and joy will also be restored to people who diligently seek God.

He was emphatic that by God's assurance the days of difficulty and frustration in the lives, careers, marriages and business of people will be over.