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28.04.2007 Politics

Allan Kyeremanteng Smells A Kyebi Elephant

By Ghanaian Lens
Lens Investigative Desk Report

The dog fight has begun in the NPP.

Allan Kyeremanteng, the man largely believed to be President Kufuor's anointed candidate appears to be the first major casualty.

In what is seen as a massive dent to his presidential ambitions, a man by name Kwesi Arthur who incidentally was a former Greater Accra Regional Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party, has dragged him before the CHRAJ on issues that border on conflict of interest and financial impropriety.

A source close to Minister Kyeremanteng has hinted The Lens that the Minister and his team have a fair idea where this latest orchestrated scheme is coming from. Without giving a specific name, the source only said this: “We smell a Kyebi elephant all over this petition.”

The source stated that the move is a continuation of an agenda begun against Richard Anane whose closeness to President Kufuor was seen as a major threat to some who think this is their time.

“There is no shred of truth in the allegations. They are ludicrous claims aimed only at putting a dent on Allan's presidential ambitions,” the source stated emphatically.

“I can say categorically that the minister has not done anything wrong whatsoever.”

“We will not allow these baseless allegations to slow us down. But those behind these orchestrations should know that we have a full dossier on their activities too and will in due time let the public know them who live in glass houses but daring to throw stones at others,” the source stated rather ominously.

The Lens has also learned that another candidate perceived to also have the blessings of the President will soon be the next to be hit.