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Two dead, 23 injured as Mercedes Sprinter bus crashes tree on Winneba-Apam highway

  Fri, 24 May 2024
Two dead, 23 injured as Mercedes Sprinter bus crashes tree on Winneba-Apam highway

There was tragedy along the Winneba-Apam highway as a Mercedes Sprinter bus with registration number GT 5873-09 careened off the road and crashed into a tree in the vicinity of Gomoa Simbrofo.

The harrowing accident resulted in 23 individuals sustaining injuries, while two are suspected to have tragically lost their lives in the catastrophic crash.

Eyewitnesses and one of the occupants recounted the chilling sequence of events leading to the devastating crash. The passengers, en route from Accra to Takoradi, faced a dire predicament when one of the rear tyres suddenly ruptured, causing the vehicle to somersault before crashing into the looming tree that stood ominously in its path.

Prompt intervention from personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service stationed in Apam was crucial in responding to the distress call at 0711hrs, swiftly arriving at the scene to commence rescue operations amidst the wrecked aftermath of the accident.

Collaborative efforts between the Fire Service and the National Ambulance Service culminated in the successful extraction and transportation of the 23 victims, ushering them to various medical facilities for urgent treatment and care.

Six of the injured were promptly conveyed to the Winneba Trauma Hospital, while the remaining 17 individuals, including the vehicle’s mate, were expedited to St. Luke's Hospital in Apam for comprehensive medical attention as well as the deceased persons.

As the community of Gomoa Simbrofo grapples with the aftermath of this fateful accident, the indelible impact of the sudden loss and grievous injuries resonates deeply, underscoring the ever-present risks inherent in vehicular travel and the imperative of stringent safety precautions to avert such heartbreaking tragedies on the roads.

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