Nigerian Youth, It’s Time To Awaken The Sowore Within You

Feature Article Nigerian Youth, Its Time To Awaken The Sowore Within You

In the wake of Senegal's political rejuvenation, where the youth have successfully ushered in a new era of leadership, the question arises: What if Nigerian youths emulated the tenacity of figures like Omoyele Sowore? Could they, too, have replaced the long-entrenched gerontocracy with vibrant, progressive governance?

Omoyele Sowore, a pro-democracy activist and journalist, has been a vocal advocate for change in Nigeria. His push for a peaceful revolution and his recent exoneration from a prolonged legal battle highlight the power of persistent, peaceful activism. His stance is clear: Nigerian youths must be daring, must step out of the shadows of complacency, and must aspire to lead rather than follow.

The Senegalese youth have set a precedent. They have shown that with collective will and action, change is achievable. The youth in Senegal have been instrumental in driving social transformation, improving literacy rates, and reducing youth mortality. Their active participation in civic engagement and empowerment initiatives has been a catalyst for change.

Nigeria, with its vibrant and dynamic youth population, has the potential to mirror this success. The Nigerian youth must rise above the allure of subordinate roles as personal assistants to politicians and instead, aim for the helm of leadership. The "Not Too Young to Run" bill is a testament to the possibilities that await the Nigerian youth. It is a call to action, a beacon of hope for those who wish to see a Nigeria led by the energetic, the innovative, and the incorruptible.

Without a doubt, Sowore believes that power is not handed over, rather, it is taken by those who dare to lead. Given Sowore’s philosophy on the essence of handing over power to the youths, it is time for Nigerian youths to take inspiration from their Senegalese counterparts, to be bold, to be visionary, and to take the reins of their country's future.

In fact, instead of criticizing Omoyele Sowore, as some youths who were ostensibly brainwashed and allegedly monetized by gerontocrats have being seen to have done, they should always give kudos and thumb up to him for his unwavering commitment to democracy and youth leadership. To my view, the youths should be praying that his example ignites a fire within their hearts, spurring them to action, to leadership, and to the creation of a Nigeria that thrives on the principles of good governance, integrity, and ethical leadership.

To the spirited youths of Nigeria, the time has come to cast aside the cloak of passivity and embrace the mantle of change which Sowore has resiliently been pushing for. To him, the journey to a youth-dominated leadership is not a distant dream but a tangible reality that beckons with open arms. It is a path tread by the indomitable Omoyele Sowore, whose zeal and unwavering commitment to democracy and youth empowerment serve as a beacon of inspiration.

Without resort to sounding panegyric in this context, Sowore's journey is marked by courage, resilience, and an unyielding resolve to see a Nigeria where the voices of the youth are not just heard but are the driving force behind governance. His activism, rooted in the belief that the youth are not just leaders of tomorrow but of today, challenges every youth to rise to the occasion.

The call to action is clear: Nigerian youth, it is time to awaken the Sowore within you. It is time to harness your collective energy, intellect, and passion to dismantle the barriers of gerontocracy that have long stifled progress. The Senegalese youth have shown us that it is possible; they have demonstrated that when the youth unite, they can upend the status quo and breathe new life into the corridors of power.

Let this be the moment where you, the Nigerian youth, decide to take a stand. Engage in political discourse, educate yourselves on the intricacies of governance, and most importantly, step forward to take up leadership roles. The 'Not Too Young to Run' movement is not just a slogan; it is a clarion call for you to step into the arena.

In fact, the future of Nigeria rests in your hands. Will you watch from the sidelines or will you be at the forefront, leading the charge? Let Sowore's zeal ignite your spirit, let his dedication fuel your actions, and let his vision for a youth-led Nigeria guide your path.

Together, you can reshape the leadership landscape of Nigeria, ensuring that it reflects the dynamism, innovation, and integrity that you embody. The time is now, and the world is watching. Rise up, take the reins, and lead Nigeria towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Omoyele Sowore, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics and a vocal advocate for youth leadership, stands as a beacon of inspiration for young Nigerians aspiring to transform the political landscape. His persistent call for a youth-dominated leadership is grounded in the belief that the energy, innovation, and unjaded perspective of the younger generation are crucial for driving the nation forward.

In fact, Sowore's stance and advocacy on youth-dominated leadership is admirable, even as it is worth emulating because it calls for a fundamental shift in the political paradigm. It is a call for integrity, innovation, and a future-focused approach to governance that resonates with the aspirations of many young Nigerians. By following his example, the youth can usher in an era of transformative leadership that could redefine Nigeria's trajectory towards prosperity and global relevance.

The reason for the foregoing view cannot be farfetched as in terms of vision and commitment, Sowore emphasizes that youthfulness alone is not enough, rather what is needed is a combination of youthful vigor with vision, motivation, and an unwavering commitment to serve the people.

On challenging the status quo, he criticizes the 'tag along' mentality prevalent among many young Nigerians, urging them to challenge the older generation for key political positions rather than settling for subordinate roles like Special Assistants.

On proactive participation, Sowore advocates for anticipatory participation in politics, encouraging young people to establish untainted political parties and to aspire to leadership with the genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Besides the foregoing patriotic deportments which he has consistently and resiliently stood on, his call for youth-dominated leadership has unarguably been on the trajectory of fresh perspectives, and points to young leaders on how they can bring new ideas and renewed angles to leadership, which are essential for innovation in governance.

In fact, Sowore has, like a lone voice in the wilderness, been reminding youths of their responsiveness, particularly as he continue assuring them that youthful leaders are often more alert and responsive, capable of adapting quickly to changing leadership dynamics.

Without a doubt, his clarion calls are not in any way distorted, particularly when analyzed from the backdrop of the fact that with the world becoming increasingly digital, younger leaders are typically more adept at leveraging technology for governance.

Identifying the take-away from his usually resounding calls, Sowore's message is clear as it conveys the expediency of character, vision, and dedication, and even as he continually highlights that the foregoing leadership virtues are paramount, and that young leaders should work for the people, not personal gains.

In fact, he has been an advocate of replacement of the old guard. This is as he typically pushes the argument that the goal to replace the old guard would engender new ideas that would ensure that leadership is not just passed down but earned through merit and the ability to lead with purpose.