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Don't use the police as a strong arm to coil our right to demonstrate – #DumsorMustStop organisers to Akufo-Addo

Don't use the police as a strong arm to coil our right to demonstrate – #DumsorMustStop organisers to Akufo-Addo

The organizers of the #DumsorMustStop vigil have criticized the Ghana Police Service for seeking a court injunction to prevent their planned demonstration, describing it as an act of bad faith.

In an interview with JoyNews, lead organizer Selorm Dramani accused the police of attempting to curtail their constitutional right to protest.

Selorm emphasized that while organizers are required to inform the police about such events to ensure a peaceful assembly, they should not be impeded.

He explained that although the organizers agreed to adjust the timing of the vigil, they insisted on holding it at Revolution Square due to its historical significance and proximity to the seat of government.

"We made it clear to the police that we would not change the venue. The Revolution Square was chosen for its historical significance and its proximity to the presidency. Changing the venue would undermine the principles behind the vigil," Dramani stated.

He disputed the police’s claim that Revolution Square is a security zone, noting that the police affidavit did not mention it as such.

Mr. Dramani argued that if Revolution Square were indeed a security zone, the police should be capable of managing protesters in the area.

"If the police are citing regional instability due to terrorism as a reason, it is worth noting that even in countries facing terrorism, protests still occur successfully. The president should acknowledge the government's failures in managing the energy sector instead of using the police to suppress our right to demonstrate," he concluded.

Daniel Owusu
Daniel Owusu

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