Bright Botchway commends Mahama's Decentralization of mining licenses

By Rita Mawuli Scot II Contributor
Social News Bright Botchway commends Mahama's Decentralization of mining licenses

Bright Botchway recently expressed his support for John Mahama’s plan to decentralize the small-scale mining licensing regime.

During a media engagement at a Takoradi-based radio station, Botchway highlighted the positive impact this initiative could have on the mining sector.

Support for Decentralization
Botchway praised Mahama's proposal to establish district mining offices, which will streamline the licensing process by bringing it closer to mining communities. He noted that these offices, staffed by officers from the Minerals Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other relevant agencies, would enhance transparency and efficiency in the sector.

Engagement with Miners
Mr. Botchway emphasized that throughout this campaign, miners will be engaged and organized more frequently. This approach will ensure that the Traders and Artisans Unit fully understands the miners' needs and challenges. Regular interactions will provide guidance on documentation and regulatory requirements, ensuring that miners comply with best practices and environmental standards.

Economic and Environmental Benefits
According to Botchway, decentralizing the licensing authority will boost local economies by making it easier for small-scale miners to operate legally. This, in turn, will create job opportunities, particularly for graduates from mining-related programs. Furthermore, local oversight will help ensure that mining activities are conducted sustainably, protecting natural resources from the detrimental effects of illegal mining practices.

Bright Botchway's endorsement of Mahama's decentralization plan underscores the initiative's potential to transform Ghana's mining sector. He stressed that while mining is beneficial, mining guided by strict regulations is the best way forward. By establishing district mining offices and consistently engaging miners, this policy aims to support small-scale miners, stimulate local economies, and promote environmental sustainability.

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