Sat, 20 Apr 2024 Article

"Allotey Formalism" ( a Constant)

By Dr. Michael Buadoo
Allotey Formalism  a Constant

Celebrating Professor Francis Kofi Allotey. Our proud African - a Ghanaian Mathematical Physicist.

Professor Allotey is the first African to be named after a Theorem/Constant - In Mathematics and Physics.

It has been over 27 years since he joined the Heavenly Choir, but his insurmountable

contributions to this world lives on!
"Allotey Formalism," continues to provide a theoretical basis for understanding the behavior of electrons in atoms during chemical reactions.

His steady confidence, not without contempt of his colleagues, for undertaking the daunting task of instituting the first department of computer science in Africa (@Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology, Ghana), in spite of its concomitant resource challenges, remains admirable and undisputed.

Like him, as a boy, I came across great names in physics and Mathematics, but in my case, his name, one that Africa (the world) continues to celebrate, was added to the list, along side Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, David Abbot, and Arthur Beiser.

The world remains blessed for the great contributions of an African son, that continues to benefit the entire world in ways, in its totality we may never understand in our lifetime.

“Allotey Formalism” (a Constant) lives on in many modern and futuristic objects. Like other constants, his will remain with us forever.

I am so glad that he lived long enough to withness the extend to which his work, his Constant, “Allotey Formalism”, positively impacted the world, and continues to inexorably play an incomprehensible role in the fabrics of our lives.

His mission, purpose, and significant contributions to theoretical physics, mathematics, and computer science was achieved beyond words.

Damirifa Due Due; Professor Francis Kofi Allotey, Due na Amani Hu. (May you REST IN PEACE).

(… copied literature from the public domain - begins)

“The "Allotey Formalism," developed by Francis Kofi Allotey, has several benefits:

1. **Understanding Atomic Structure:** It provides a theoretical framework for understanding the behavior of electrons in atoms, leading to insights into atomic structure and the periodic table.

2. **Chemical Reactions:** It aids in understanding the behavior of electrons during chemical reactions, facilitating research in chemistry and materials science.

3. **Computational Chemistry:** The formalism can be applied in computational chemistry to predict the properties and behavior of molecules and materials.

4. **Education:** Allotey's work has educational benefits, serving as a teaching tool to illustrate fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and atomic physics.

5. **Scientific Advancement:** By enhancing our understanding of atomic and molecular behavior, the Allotey Formalism contributes to scientific advancements in various fields, including physics, chemistry, and materials science.”

(… end of copied literature)
Clearly, the contribution of Africans in sciences and modernization of this world , along side with friends across the oceans, is worth celebrating by all Africans.

Who will celebrate us if we do not celebrate our own achievements. I call on African counties and governments to:

1). Build funded libraries in his name
2). Dedicate a day to celebrate Science (Holiday) in his name

3). Name streets after him (just like it is deservingly done for Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah).

Fellow Africans, who will celebrate our achievements if we do not celebrate our own. There are technologies developed today, using the Allotey Constant yet, not him, nor his motherland Africa gets credit for them.

In recent years, an American Presidential Candidate, who became the President, sadly refered to Africa as “Shit Hole”. Never did he know that several components of “The Beast” (The United States President’s Car), and Air Force One ( the United State’s President’s secured airplane) benefits from “Allotey Formalism," ( a Constant).

Professor Francis Kofi Allotey.
"Allotey Formalism," ( a Constant)
TO AFRICANS EVERYWHERE (Caribeans, African Americans, Diaspora, friends of African regardless of your origin), ONE LOVE ❤️

In Christ,
Dr. Michael Buadoo.
Ghana and United States of America (USA)