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Miracles Aboagye: Communicator Par Excellence

Miracles AboagyeMiracles Aboagye

Sincerely, I admire Dennis Miracles Aboagye, NPP Communication Team Member and head of Dr. Bawumia campaign Team. Of all the political communicators in Ghana, this guy stands tall. I have never met him before and neither do I know his background but I simply love the guy.

He is simply a master political communicator par excellence.

Unlike Asomasi of the opposition NDC who is a modern day Joseph Goebbels and a nuisance value, this particular guy is unassuming, respectful, knowledgeable, and above all, cosmopolitan. He is not the insulting type anytime he argues, and that too makes him a complete gentleman.

His defense of Dr. Bawumia's presidential bid is iron-clad with no room for the opposition to maneuver except to lie that Dr. Bawumia is a lair. He makes thorough research before going on radio or television stations, and he makes sure whatever he says is nothing but the truth. He guards his image and prestige jealously, believing that liars don't have respect in Ghana.

If you are an ardent reader of this column, you will realise that I have always been on the necks of the NPP communicators. In fact, they have given the leeway for the NDC communicators to lie on almost every issue. The President, Nana Akufo Addo had cause to say that his party communicators have disappointed him. They wait until the NDC muddies the waters before they go to set records straight, forgetting that early bird catches the worm.

In this era where we have more than five hundred and forty FM stations and still counting with numerous TV stations, you don't sit down for your political opponent to take the lead in explaining government policies before you hurry to set records straight. You take the battle to their doorsteps and force them to swallow the bitter pills.

In this democratic dispensation, communication is paramount in all aspect of life. In fact, even our ancestors in the olden days knew the importance of communication, hence, they used taking drums to communicate to their people far and near. That was why they had gong-gong beaters and town criers.

The President was rightly worried about the standard of his party communicators because so much has passed under the bridge but many Ghanaians are being misled by the opposition to make it look as if the government has done nothing at all. Half of the success stories of the NPP administration has never been told and yet the party has a National Communication Director sitting in Accra, speaking 'big' English. National, Regional, and Constituency Communicators act as if nothing is at stake.

I visited one constituency in the Bono East Region when I heard Madam Rita Asobayire during the presidential primaries of the NPP. Speaking on one of the FM stations, she lamented that on her way from the Northern Region, she saw so many projects being constructed by the government but party communicators do not say anything about them.

According to her, the Agenda 111 Hospital projects are sprouting up everywhere but people in Accra are not aware because party communicators have kept deafening silence. She regretted that NPP communicators have failed the party. And that is true.

Miracles Aboagye should tour the country with his team to meet party Regional and Constituency Communication Directors, educate and charge them to get on the good foot because the battle against misinformation which is the trademark of the NDC must be won if the party really wants to break the eight.

Enough of the sloganeering and empty bragging. If you are dealing with Communist trained communicators like what is happening in the NDC, you have to be smart enough because they can lie through their teeth. The gospel truth is that if the Nana Addo-led administration had performed abysmally, Ghanaians would have not given the government the second chance to perform. Economic recession, like what is happening in many countries met the administration along the way, and the government is doing everything possible to bail the country out of the troubled waters. We are seeing results but to the opposition NDC who continues to wear wooden glasses, they have seen nothing.

If you don't toot your own horn, who will toot it for you? How many people know that Railway lines are built in the Western Region? How many Ghanaians know the cost involved in the Free SHS Programme which has come to relief parents of a great burden as far as the education of their wards is concerned?

The NDC do not hesitate to mention the amount of loans contracted by the current government but they deliberately refuse to tell Ghanaians that every loan contracted goes through parliament, and projects earmarked are made known to all parliamentarians.

Indeed, how many Ghanaians know the cost of feeding students in boarding schools and Day students across the country? At least the NPP has laid a solid foundation for a quantum leap forward, economically. Just imagine a scenario where the NDC will come to power and cancel the Free SHS. Remember they kicked against its introduction.

Take the issue of digitalisation for example. The illiterate and the common man benefit from the dream child of Dr. Bawumia but who will explain to them if not people like Miracles Aboagye and his team? Miracles Aboagye speaks Twi and English Language so some of us who understand the two languages follow him religiously.

What about those who don't understand Twi or English Language? That is why we have Communication Directors in all the regions and of course the constituencies. It is their duty to tow the line of Miracles and tell the people the NPP success stories in their own language.

But on a more serious note, Mr. Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi, should not be allowed to mount any political platform on radio or TV. Yes, he is the Regional Chairman of Ashanti Region but the time has come for him to concentrate on the organisation of the party in the Ashanti Region and stop messing around on radio and TV stations.

Anytime he speaks, he sows dragon teeth and puts the name of the party into disrepute. The fact that he says he has money doesn't make him a good political communicator. The man is a vexation to the spirit as he continues to spit fire. The guy is not a good politician, and his acid tongue is not what is required at times like this. He thinks insulting your opponent is a feather on your cap. He doesn't even know that sometimes you have to cunningly praise your political opponent to take the credit.

The human mind is dynamic so a strong NDC member can easily cross carpet but when you lump them together anytime you go on your insulting tangent, you offend such persons. Wontumi must stay by the sideline and allow people like Miracles Aboagye to lead the onslaught.

Wishing you a belated Barka da Sallah!!!
By Eric Bawah