Ghanaians Living Under The Experience Of Apartheid In The 21st Century

Feature Article Ghanaians Living Under The Experience Of Apartheid In The 21st Century

The term "Apartheid" may have been recognizable to Ghanaians as a system of government being operated in South Africa. Since the Bantustans once intended to become independent states within South Africa, the creation of the most severe laws of the Apartheid regime, which required non-white residents to perform menial labor, not only separated Africans from the "white" population but also completely deprived them of their rights within the country.

Even though the Apartheid regime came to an end decades ago, a similar situation is currently being played out in Ghana under a dictatorship that masquerades as democracy. Ghana possesses the greatest resources in the world, including gold, diamonds, oil, manganese, and cash crops like cocoa, but its proceeds don’t benefit the people; only a small percentage of those in power are profiting from these resources, which could have improved living standards and fueled national progress.

While in Ghana, the government that was elected by Ghanaians was brutal to the populace, during the Apartheid era, the minority white rule seized control of the nation's resources and denied the people a better quality of life. Thus, in my opinion, South Africans' lives during the Apartheid era were superior to Ghanaians' if the people were in their own country, under oppression, and forced to endure inhumane living conditions without knowing where the money from their resources was going.

Considering that Jesus Christ carried a hefty cross without having committed any sins or crimes but suffered a great deal, how can Ghanaians keep watching Akufo Addo destroy the nation without doing anything about it? We have to acknowledge that Akufo Addo did not come to improve the lives of ordinary Ghanaians as promised, but rather to increase their punishment by chastising them with scorpions. After almost eight years in power, the only achievement of the NPP is incurring a debt of GHS650 billion in Ghana.

The hypocrisy in Ghana has reached an uncontrollable level and is currently bringing the country and its people down. If Mahama had destroyed Ghana the way Akufo Addo did, I doubt he would still be alive today. Ghanaians and the media have failed to make Akufo Addo understand the harm he has done to the country and its people, even though Ghana was the best in everything, including its thriving economy, businesses, and investments before Akufo Addo came to destroy everything.

Since Akufo Addo has no objectives for the country, why should Ghanaians continue to support such a nasty, self-centered, and tribalistic leader? Sadly, the government's "performance tracker," which was introduced a few days ago, has exposed them. About 67 of the NDC's initiatives were pilfered by the tracker because it had nothing to track, and they shamefully apologized to Ghanaians for this. Why could any thinking Ghanaian support a leader who spent a lot of money to bring down eight banks instead of spending little to save them?

Why should Ghanaians tolerate a ruler who destroyed a whole hospital building that served the country's communities without building a replacement? In the same way that the white minority in South Africa stole everything from the black people, Akufo Addo appointed his relative Ken Ofori-Atta to facilitate corruption. This decision has had disastrous consequences, including high rates of inflation, hunger, unemployment, and economic catastrophe. Additionally, elections were rigged in favor of Addo by Jean Mensa.

A government that truly represents the interests of its people wouldn't have collapsed and abandoned the country in this situation. The NPP government's desire to pillage the country and amass fortune is one of the reasons it has performed so horribly as a government. Tribalism should not be a factor in voting since it is one of the diseases that has divided Ghana and jeopardized the future of the youth. Voting is the right way for Ghanaians to choose a responsible leader to guide the country.

In the same way that eight individuals were shot and killed in the nation during elections, the white minority at the time mercilessly massacred the populace while they were peacefully protesting for improved living conditions. Akufo Addo is planning to generate electoral disturbances because he thinks that a large number of Ghanaians will vote against him. Therefore, Ghanaians should be brave and cast their ballots without fear or intimidation.

The people of Ghana must fight for what is rightfully theirs because the resources in the country belong to them, not to any clan, group, or family. Although there have been elections in the past, any serious Ghanaian should view the 2024 elections as a chance to choose a worthy leader to lead the country's affairs, as neither Akufo Addo nor Bawumia possesses the necessary leadership qualities and cannot offer Ghanaians anything concrete.