Akufo-Addo govt’s renaming of Ameri plant fraudulent move – Minority

Headlines Akufo-Addo govts renaming of Ameri plant fraudulent move – Minority

The Minority Caucus in Parliament says it will investigate the $38 million cost of relocating the Ameri power plant to Kumasi by the NPP government if it wins the 2024 polls.

The Volta River Authority (VRA), in a recent Facebook post, announced the commissioning of the Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant (K1TPP), formerly known as the Ameri Power Plant.

Speaking on Face to Face show on Citi TV, a member of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, Edward Bawa, said that although the relocation cost was initially estimated at $24 million, the figure increased to $38 million.

He described the recommissioning as a fraudulent move by the government, intimating that the opposition is trying to expose it.

“You may say, oh, nomenclature, what is the significance of nomenclature to us? You can say that. There is a political connotation to it. Ashanti Region has been one area that consistently they have said they have not done anything for them. They are projecting this animal called Ameri, which they themselves condemned. They are now sending it to Kumasi called Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant, and it will look new in the eyes of the people. That is fraud and that is the part that we are trying to expose,” Edward Bawa told Umaru Sanda Amadu.