Ghana Before Independence Was Far Better Than The Akufo Addo-Bawumia’s Government

Feature Article Ghana Before Independence Was Far Better Than The Akufo Addo-Bawumias Government

The colonial partition of Africa in the 19th century had a profound effect on the plight of the indigenous populations. The majority of them were forced to rely on European nations, whose sole goal was to export precious resources. France, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium occupied almost all of Africa. Ghana acquired sovereignty in 1957 to run its affairs and make use of its resources to advance the nation.


Akufo Addo claims, "I came to office in 2017, when we were under the International Monetary Fund program, and for the first three or four years, the same Ken Ofori-Atta was able to manage the economy." At the time, our economy was among the fastest-growing in the world. Our annual growth rate was 7% on average. How can I turn my back on someone who's accomplished all of this? That's why I find it so difficult to comprehend what's happening," but he was actually profiting from corruption, so what he said was a deception, taking into consideration the economic disaster of Ghana today.

However, when you consider the circumstances that drove the country's leaders to fight for independence, it becomes evident that Ghana's freedom has been meaningless, as Nkrumah stated when discussing the complete liberation of Africa. This is because, when looking at Ghana's current situation under the NPP government, it’s clear that the conditions under colonialism that drove the leaders to fight for independence were even better than those under the NPP government.

Ghana is endowed with a wealth of natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, bauxite, manganese, oil, and cash crops like cocoa. However, due to poor governance, widespread corruption, and the influence of tribalism, the country has been severely damaged, with the majority of its citizens living in extreme poverty, high rates of unemployment, crime, and a sham of a justice system run by Mafioso gangs that pose as politicians and judges, leading to an economic catastrophe and political disaster.

I think that the NPP would have been the best political party in Ghana if Akufo Addo had not been chosen to be the party's presidential candidate. I see smart individuals in that party who could have led Ghana more skillfully than Nana Akufo Addo. He has engaged in numerous financial crimes with his vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, and Ken Ofori-Atta, which have destroyed the country’s infrastructure, including the economy, businesses, and investments.

I have repeatedly asked this question, and I won't stop until I receive a response. What do Ghanaians anticipate after the president appointed his relative, Ken Ofori-Atta, as finance minister? Such an appointment is rare because it doesn’t progress a nation. Ghanaians should have opposed this appointment since it was to make corruption easier and is largely to blame for Ghana's downfall since the financial transactions are made for the advantage of the family rather than the good of the country.

Corruption is never seen; it only comes to light when someone is exposed on camera. On the other hand, public money waste can be recognized based on the accomplishments of a government. Akufo Addo’s assertion that “no one can prove that his government has wasted public funds” was a deception, and he knows that there are dishonest people who will always come out to support him. However, one thing he is ignorant of is that the lack of development and huge debt without accountability is enough to expose him as the most corrupt Ghanaian leader.

Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president, continues to do the dirty work for the party by spreading lies about jobs that don’t exist and has now told Ghanaians he is only a messenger and has nothing to do with Akufo Addo or the NPP's destruction of the economy. This is because he was confronted about his failure, which disqualifies him from being president. How foolish is that? Why do Ghanaians have the patience to see such a dimwitted comic who doesn't even have an agenda for the people to be president?

The NPP asserted that "the government has spent a lot of money on infrastructure, particularly roads, health care, and education." What are they talking about? Free education is in ruins, and the health system has gotten so bad that they are all traveling abroad to get medical care. Before gaining independence, Ghana was the world leader in cocoa production; however, since then, the nation's standing has declined, and it is disheartening that it is now importing cocoa.

In addition to inflicting pain on defenseless Ghanaians, Akufo Addo has embarrassed and let down numerous party politicians and followers. Ghana appears to be battling for independence once more to overthrow this harmful regime, and the truth is the country will never be a prosperous nation, and the corruption that impedes growth and fuels poverty will never be eradicated until the people set aside their political differences and unite as one to push the NPP to the opposition.