Who Says The NPP Doesn't Know That Their Loss In The 2024 Elections Is Bound To Happen?

Feature Article Who Says The NPP Doesn't Know That Their Loss In The 2024 Elections Is Bound To Happen?

Ghana, the world's second-largest cocoa producer and a country renowned for its abundant natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, and oil, has turned into one of the most challenging places to live because of the NPP's deceitful leadership. The party was able to persuade the populace that Mahama was corrupt and incompetent and would transform Ghana into a place akin to Dubai. However, time has shown that the NPP is the most destructive and corrupt government in Ghana’s political history.

Akufo Addo was aware that the NPP government might fall after his first four years in office, but the tribal bigots’ song "Four more years for Nana" kept him engaging in more corruption together with his relative, Ken Ofori-Atta, appointed the finance minister. However, what Ghanaians failed to realize is that they can’t change the mindset of someone who is dying to become president, not to serve the country but to reclaim everything he believes his family lost both before and after Ghana gained its independence.

Similar to a pimp who has the chance to oversee the prostitution industry, Akufo Addo's only thought is how to plunder the state’s coffers, deny Ghanaians better opportunities, ignore developments, and neglect unfinished projects left by the previous NDC administration. As he persisted in abusing his position and the Constitution, Akufo Addo turned into a despot and would not listen to the people, creating an unprecedented situation by damaging Ghana’s infrastructure.

Akufo Addo's way of life and lack of intelligence have long been recognized, even though Ghanaians, NPP politicians, and tribal bigots view him as a "Messiah." For this reason, on February 28, 2020, I wrote, "Which One Is Easier To Say, Akufo Addo Is Corrupt Or A Thief?” I received comments of attacks and insults, but the fact that the majority of Ghanaians now realize I was correct and know what I wrote about has helped me not regret writing the article. Yes, Akufo Addo is a criminal.

Under the cover of democracy, the despot Akufo Addo is running a Mafioso-style administration, harming Ghana’s economy while exclusively benefiting himself and his family. He promised Ghanaians that illicit mining would not be tolerated, as it had ruined the ecosystem and contaminated the country's main rivers, but as it turned out, he was responsible for the illicit mining, which led to a decline in the amount of cocoa that several European and national governments were buying from Ghana.

When it came to saving banks that were having financial troubles, the NPP administration spent more money than was necessary to collapse them. Even though Akufo Addo went on a rampage, cutting sod, after almost eight years in office, Simon Osei Mensah, the regional minister for Ashanti, and Richard Ahiagbah, the NPP's so-called director of communication, are unable to name any projects the party has completed. Who, therefore, asserts that the NPP government is unaware that they will be defeated in the 2024 elections?

Another promise Akufo Addo made to Ghanaians was to combat corruption, never before seen in the country's political history. However, as former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu put it, the man is actually "the mother serpent of corruption." It appears that Akufo Addo has inadvertently legalized corruption by adding it to Ghana's Constitution. The corrupt practices with impunity by both deceased and current NPP officials led to Ghana's economy, businesses, and investments collapsing.

Although I don't communicate with any NDC or NPP politicians, I am aware that many of them are dissatisfied with AKufo Addo's administration but are powerless to criticize it for fear of being labeled traitors. However, I have to tell them that practically all of them will suffer because of Akufo Addo's greed, huge thirst for corruption, and evil. He claims to be eighty years old, so how long has he to live that NPP politicians have to fight for his greed and evil schemes to endanger their families' lives?

Akufo Addo and the other NPP politicians indeed know they won't win the 2024 elections, and fear is already plaguing them. This is one of the reasons they continue to tell Ghanaians that they won't cede power to the NDC. Ghanaians should be aware that Akufo Addo intends to utilize certain forces to oppress and intimidate them to facilitate election rigging, but no one should be terrified. Go and fight to save Ghana and revive the collapsed economy, businesses, and investments.

The advanced countries don’t have the mineral resources Ghana has, yet, they are successful. Think of Ghana and the future generation, and let every Ghanaian join the fight to free their nation from the Mafioso-Akyem dictatorship and re-establish its standing as a leading producer of cocoa and a country rich in natural resources to revamp its collapsed economy, businesses, and, investments.