Akufo-Addo’s efforts to introduce private member’s bills in his name is untenable – Sosu

Social News Akufo-Addos efforts to introduce private members bills in his name is untenable – Sosu
APR 3, 2024 LISTEN

Francis-Xavier Sosu, Member of Parliament for Madina, has expressed his concerns about President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's refusal to approve some private member's bills.

In a letter to Parliament, the President explained that his decision not to approve the Criminal Offences Amendment Bill and the Ghana Armed Forces Amendment Bill, both sponsored by Mr Sosu, was due to the potential financial impact on the state's consolidated fund and a violation of Article 108 of the constitution.

Some stakeholders have argued that the country will be negatively affected by the President's refusal to sign the anti-witchcraft law after implementing the death penalty.

During an interview on Citi TV's Face to Face, Mr Sosu stated that the President's attempt to have Parliament introduce the bills in his name is “untenable”.

“The status is that the President has indicated to Parliament that he wanted those bills to be introduced in his name. The legal argument made by the President before the Parliament of Ghana, honestly speaking is not tenable.

“With all due respect to the President. I believe that the President was misled on those matters. Hopefully, the President still has an opportunity between now and the end of the year to do something about them.”

Mr Sosu expressed hope that both international and local bodies will persuade the presidency to approve the bills.

“It’s the reason why on be issue of the Witchcraft Accusation Bill, which I believe is so critical to the protection of women in Ghana. I have filed five different petitions, I have petitioned the UN, Human Rights Commission, AU Commission, ECOWAS, Council of State, and CHRAJ and hoping that the President will take some swift action on these matters. I’m hoping that all these international bodies will bring some form of persuasion on the presidency to assent these bills.”