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King Ludwig XIV was wiser then South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa

King Ludwig XIV was wiser then South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa
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"I am the State!" proclaimed King Ludwig XIV the Absolute Monarch of France and builder of Chateau de Versaille traumatized by his upbringing and reigning as King since his 16th birthday chosen not by history but by blood lineage.

"We are the State!" proclaimed the African National Congress ANC of South Africa arguing that their birthrights and absolutism are justified as the result of apartheid.

Each morning King Ludwig XIV invited his Princes, senior Royals, and dignitaries from 8.30 am for one hour to see him waking up and get dressed.

Each morning in South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa ensures the leadership of the ANC comprised of family and friends stands united behind him with no intention of a coup.

98% of the French had to pay for the lavish lifestyle of King Ludwig XIV to representatives of the lowest class, 25 Mio. compared to 500.000 of the upper class.

In South Africa, a small number of -white- citizens enjoy the lavish good life with the ANC and their President at the top while the majority -blacks- carry the burden of paying the tax for the ANC and their President.

Absolute Monarch King Ludwig XIV stood in serious competition with Royal families in Europe namely of Germany and their representatives of the Holy Roman Empire of German Descent (1806 ended in the war with France). He mandated his Finance Minister Colbert to generate more tax for the kingdom and, the State in flesh. Colbert stimulated the internal production of goods needed by the nation and increased the import duties. The greed for more royal splendor created more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are exposed to a free mind and are open to ideas of a better and more just humanity which subsequently led to the French Revolution and human rights. Human Rights for all create a truly vibrant nation that thrives and prospers.

ANC is kept alive as a relic of the dark days of apartheid. Foreign nations support the course of the ANC accepting the obvious failures committed seen as collateral damage of history. Without apartheid, the ANC leadership would not have been born nor any more in power. From history, they know more entrepreneurs with a free mind would seriously affect their position in power and question their performance in the history of the country. Without it, they understand the revolution (racial clashes) is only a matter of more hungry stomachs forced to labor for a party that has the nation in a tight grip on the consequences of apartheid.

South Africa stands in competition with other African countries and the rest of the world. King Ludwig XIV died of a natural cause but ANC most certainly not.