01.03.2024 Health

Kwabre East: BCI organizes free health screening, breast cancer education for Kenyasi residents

By Francis Appiah || Contributor
Kwabre East: BCI organizes free health screening, breast cancer education for Kenyasi residents
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Breast Cancer International (BCI) has organized free health screening and breast cancer education for the residents of Kenyasi in the Kwabre East district of the Ashanti region.

From educational sessions to clinical screenings, individuals had the opportunity to learn about breast cancer prevention and early detection. They also received crucial screenings to safeguard their health.

The exercise formed part of Delta Airlines’ ‘Kick Breast Cancer Out Program’, which supports BCI in reaching out to more people in rural communities in Ghana.

The exercise which was held at the auditorium of the Church of Pentecost, Kenyasi, on Sunday, February 15, 2024, drew a large number of individuals from the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Clinical screenings for diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer were conducted on the individuals.

The President of Breast Cancer International, Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai, reassured the participants that breast cancer is curable, and should not allow the disease to kill them needlessly.

She stated that if people follow medical advice and visit the hospital as soon as they see any changes in their breasts, the condition can be prevented and treated.

“Erase the perception that breast cancer is caused by witchcraft and can only be treated spiritually. Visiting prayer camps and shrines makes the problem worse, and the only way to ensure your survival is to report to the medical facilities,” she continued.

Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai, who is also the CEO of Peace and Love Hospitals in Accra and Kumasi, expressed concern about delayed reports of breast cancer cases that have limited treatment options.

She advised people to desist from self-medication in breast cancer treatment, particularly the use of herbal remedies that have not been proven to work.

Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai was thankful to Delta Airlines for its dedication to supporting initiatives that prioritize community health and well-being.

“With your support, we can make strides towards a future where breast cancer is no longer a threat,” she concluded her speech while appreciating Delta Airlines.

The Head Pastor of the Church of Pentecost at Kenyasi, Joseph Tasimbo, on behalf of the church and the community, sincerely thanked BCI and Delta Airlines for the free screening and education.